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Friday, 30th April 2021
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21-22 June: Mid-Year Conference

AEN Mid-Year Conference 2021 - Registrations Open

Mid-Year Conference 2021 Registrations Now Open
The AEN is excited to be holding this year's Mid-Year Conference in Geelong. Over one and half days, conference guests will hear from representatives of the Commonwealth and Victorian Government. The AEN will also provide an update on current projects and services. This year’s event promises to be jammed packed with a range of topics and updates.

Monday 21 June 2021 - Tuesday 22 June 2021

Novotel Geelong
10-14 Eastern Beach Road, Geelong

Registrations are now open and tickets are available to purchase.

Retrenched Apprentices and Trainees Program

Retrenched Apprentices and Trainees Program Banner
Retrenched Apprentices and Trainees Program
This program has now supported over 730 participants since May 2020, and over 260 apprentices and trainees have commenced with a new employer.

Currently, there are almost 130 participants on our active caseload.
Top 6 Occupations

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Chefs
  • General Mechanic
For Individuals

Apprentices and trainees who have lost employment are encouraged to register.

Once on the register, apprentices and trainees will be assisted by one of our program officers until placed with a host employer through a Group Training Organisation (GTO), or directly with an employer, whilst also directing you to the most appropriate advice and assistance while you remain out of employment.
If you have an apprenticeship or traineeship position you would like to fill, please contact the AEN Office so we can forward potential candidates that meet your criteria.

For further information or to register for the program please visit Apprenticeship Employment Network.

Local Jobs Program Update

Recent Local Government Workshops

The Employment Facilitators recently ran a series of workshops for Local Councils in the Inner Metro Region involving the Cities of Melbourne, Port Phillip, Yarra, Bayside, Boroondara, Stonnington, Darebin, Moonee Valley, Moreland, Manningham, Whitehorse and Kingston.
Local Jobs Program
The workshops delivered on a number of outcomes including:
  • Supplied councils with information on current State, Federal and Local programs that exist to support employers and move jobseekers into employment and training.
  • Identified common labour market issues and employment opportunities across the Inner Melbourne Region.
  • Workshopped initiatives to move local people into sustainable employment.
The group will continue to work together both individually and collectively to identify local solutions to address the following shared goals:
  • Increase the hospitality workforce in the Inner Melbourne Metropolitan Employment Region,
  • Reduce labour market disadvantage for vulnerable groups, and
  • Connect small business to large infrastructure projects and create jobs using a social procurement framework.
If you have any current programs that you think can support the achievement of the goals for the Inner Metropolitan Melbourne Region, we encourage you to contact Carmel or Melissa.

Promoting opportunities to the Online Employment Service (OES) Caseload

Did you know? The Local Jobs Program can promote directly to the OES Caseload such as employment opportunities, events or services that can assist job seekers into employment and training.

The OES Caseload in the Inner Metropolitan region currently stands at approximately 23,000 job seekers. These are job seekers who have been unemployed less than 12 months and are considered job ready.

If you have an opportunity or event that you would like to promote to the Online Employment Service Caseload, please contact Carmel or Melissa.

Please note, the Department of Education, Skills and Employment approves marketing activities and an approximate 2-week lead time is required.

Local Recovery Fund

The Local Recovery Fund supports activities that meet the priorities identified in the Local Jobs Plan in each employment region and supports job seekers into employment and training. Proponents must engage with their Local Employment Facilitator to canvas Local Recovery Fund project ideas. Employment Facilitators will work with their Taskforce and proponents to develop project concepts that address local employment and training needs.

Round 1 for the Local Recovery Fund is now closed, however future rounds are anticipated. We encourage you to contact Carmel (0417 344 455) and Melissa (0409 258 478) should you have a project idea or are undertaking activities that align to the priorities in the region.

Further information regarding the Local Jobs Program can be found here.

New Ai Group Centre for Education and Training calls for urgent action on skills

The national employer association Ai Group launched its new Centre for Education and Training (CET) with the Federal Minister for Education and Youth, Alan Tudge, on Thursday this week in Melbourne.

The Centre is a new research and advocacy body designed to better connect skills development with the needs of industry and the community.

To launch the new Centre, Ai Group released its latest research to stimulate discussion around a number of key considerations intended to lead to further action on Australia's skills needs.

Ai Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox, said: "Our economy is changing at a fast rate and outpacing the ability of our education and training system to deliver the skills industry needs. The new Centre will help industry navigate this new world and create stronger links between education and learning, and the rapidly changing skills needs of industry."

The Centre's Executive Director, Megan Lilly, said: "The Centre will bring together the most innovative thinkers in skills, education and training and build on Ai Group's more than 140 years of deep engagement with industry. It will be a powerful and credible advocate for policy outcomes that address the current and emerging needs of employers and the career aspirations of individuals."

Coinciding with the launch of the Centre, Ai Group released its latest report: Skills Urgency – Transforming Australia's workplaces.

The report is based on fresh research and informed by a survey of Ai Group member companies in late 2020 at the peak of the pandemic.

Mr Willox said: "The report is intended to be a thought starter for encouraging change around skills in Australia and stimulating discussion around a number of key considerations including:
  • A cocktail of factors is converging to create an urgency to skills formation and development.
  • Australia is not rated by the World Economic Forum as one of the best placed countries for tertiary education to deliver what employers need.
  • Research on the changing workplace is showing that the nature of work is evolving. It speculates that the way people work is changing in an unprecedented way.
  • Skills development needs a different approach for the future: where learning is not separate from doing; where we immerse learning in work environments.
  • Strains on companies evident from a skill needs survey Ai Group undertook late in 2020 show:
    • technicians and trades workers are re-emerging as the most difficult roles to fill.
    • basic digital skills are needed the most out of all digital skills.
    • an increased demand for soft skills.
    • an increased commitment to taking on apprentices.
    • a positive attitude and soft skills are the most important entry level recruiting factors.
    • wage subsidies are needed for many employers to take on displaced workers and young people.
    • employers would take on more university or TAFE students as higher apprentices, cadets or interns to increase their skill levels as their business needs change.
  • It is important to share and learn from real life stories of employers taking action and demonstrating their commitment to build skills in their organisations. This report shares some varied initiatives.
  • Skills urgency is pointing to the need for new responses, new support and upscaled collaborations across Australia's broad skill ecosystem.
  • Future-focused education and training delivered with, and in, industry should be our overall goal. More intensified action must help to establish:
    • new templates for partnerships across the skill eco-system.
    • broad digital skills development integrating human capabilities.
    • a re-imagined apprenticeship system.
    • work-based learning as a core principle in qualifications.
    • flexible qualifications allowing short form training.
For further information please visit Ai Group.

Victorian Training Awards - Nominations Close June 4

Victorian Training Awards Hard Work Deserves a Pat on the Back
Nominations for the 2021 Victorian Training Awards will be closing in just five weeks' time, on Friday June 4.

FREE Writing Assistance
Simply draft your responses to each selection criteria and overview for your award category and email to get the process started.

Please ensure your draft includes the following information:
  • Name
  • Award Category
  • What you are studying and/or teaching
  • Your training institution
  • Phone Number
  • Email
Then, attach your submission and request for writing assistance in an email.

Virtual Workshop
If you’re not sure where to begin, watch the virtual workshop on Facebook to help with starting your nomination.

Don't Wait, Nominate!
Hard work deserves a pat on the back. With only five weeks left to submit your nomination to celebrate and recognise your hard work.

There’s $5,000 in prize money for winners in each category, a great chance to boost your career prospects or have your business recognised for it’s commitment to their staff.

Start your nomination now.
Victorian Training Awards Footer

National Careers Week

National Careers Week is an initiative of the Career Industry Council of Australia which aims to celebrate careers, career development, its services and development practitioners as well as promoting the economic, social and personal benefits of career development.
National Careers Week 2021
Career development is the process of managing learning, work and leisure to progress through life.

It includes gaining and utilising the skills and knowledge required to plan and make informed decisions about education, training, and work.

Everyday decisions and priorities affect career development. Ultimately, career development is about much more than jobs – it is about how to live your life.

Check out the ideas and resources to assist you in planning and running your own National Careers Week Events!

The website has included resources such as NCW logos and branding assets, social media templates, posters, and information sheets on a wide range of career development topics.

Dig in and start planning for your next event!

Setting the Standard for Elevating Work Platform Safety

WorkSafe Victoria has launched a new industry standard for elevating work platforms (EWPs) to provide operators and employers with practical safety advice to prevent serious injuries and deaths.

Ten workers have died in the past 10 years in incidents involving EWPs, making this commonly used equipment one of the deadliest hazards in Victorian workplaces.

Developed in consultation with Foundation for Safety Victoria, the standard identifies common risks and the best control measures to reduce them.

Moving machinery and working from height is a hazardous combination, especially when using EWPs where there is often the risk of electrical, crush, collision, overturning and falling object injuries.

WorkSafe Executive Director of Health and Safety Julie Nielsen said the new standard would provide employers with practical advice to help ensure the safety of workers.

"EWPs are a commonly used equipment for working from height, however they have unique risks with serious consequences when something goes wrong," Ms Nielsen said.

"Every employer should take the time to understand the new standard, check their systems of work, ensure they are selecting the right equipment and doing everything they can to operate safely."
"No matter what industry or type of work is being completed, make safety the first priority when using EWPs."

The new standard has been developed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the most important safety issues for using EWPs.

This includes who has a duty to ensure the health and safety of workers, selecting the appropriate EWP for the task at hand and the different types of EWP available.

The standard also covers EWP training and licensing requirements and how to ensure they are properly maintained and inspected for use.

National Skills Overview

National Skills Overview Priority Skills
The National Skills Overview provides analysis of industry skills needs and the factors and trends affecting the demand for skills at a national and cross-industry level.

The 2020/21 overview draws largely on Industry Reference Committee (IRC) Skills Forecasts and Proposed Schedules of Work, with a particular focus on the comprehensive Forecasts released in 2019, and supports the design and development of training packages that meet the current and future skills needs of industry.
It links the cross-industry analysis on skills needs with the activities and initiatives of the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) and its network of Industry Reference Committees.

Full Report is available.

NSW Skills Conference

Apprentice Employment Network 2021 Skills Conference

The 2021 Skills Conference is back!

2020 has been a year we would all like to forget. The coronavirus has impacted our lives and the industry we work in.

The Vocational Education and Training industry has seen significant declines in commencements with governments at all levels throwing financial resources to stimulate the industry.

2021 will be a critical year for the long-term viability of VET. The NSW Skills Conference will look at the recovery strategies being put in place to establish the next generation of nation builders.

Wednesday 16 June 2021

Dockside Darling Harbour
Cockle Bay Wharf, Wheat Road

AEN NSW & ACT have provided a special offer all Victorian members of AEN - a discounted rate if they wish to purchase tickets. Email to register.

We understand there is still a fear of travelling around COVID-19 so we are going to provide an online/virtual option for interstate GTOs should they wish to participate but don't want to travel.

This is not on the conference website as an option at the moment because we want as many to attend face-to-face where possible.

The virtual option will be the same cost as attending face-to-face. This is currently for AEN Victorian Members $434.50 until 17th April.

NCVER Update

NCVER Student Experience Survey
New data shows the impact of COVID-19 affected the outcomes of international students who completed a nationally recognised vocational education and training (VET) qualification more than their domestic counterparts.

International onshore VET qualification completer outcomes 2020 provides a summary of the outcomes of international students who completed their VET qualification in Australia in 2019.

The report uses data collected in mid-2020 via the National Student Outcomes Survey.

Of those who were employed after training, 68.3% of international onshore VET qualification completers had job hours reduced, compared with 35.3% of domestic qualification completers.
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