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Friday, 21st October 2022
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26 Oct Supporting Apprentices with Disability
8 Nov Apprentice Wellbeing Lifeskills Coaching Program
23 Nov 2022 Apprentice Training Awards

2022 Apprentice Training Awards - Finalists Announced!

This year, AEN received a record number of nominations for the 2022 Apprentice Training Awards.

Over 100 exceptional examples of apprentices and trainees were nominated from our sector.
Apprentice of the Year

Abbey Evans
Ai Group

Charmaine Thorogood-Hawkins
WPC Group

Jye-Leigh Drinkwater
BGT Jobs + Training

Lachlan Mackay
Victorian Group Training

Lucinda Baranowski
GForce Employment + Recruitment

William Allen
The Apprenticeship Factory

Trainee of the Year

Donald Chatfield
GForce Employment + Recruitment

Jasmine Silvester
Westvic Staffing Solutions

Jemma Casey
Westvic Staffing Solutions

Maddix Hughes

Nastassja Ivanov
NextGen Jobs

Sam Marshall
GForce Employment + Recruitment

Trainee of the Year

Donald Chatfield
GForce Employment + Recruitment

Jasmine Silvester
Westvic Staffing Solutions

Jemma Casey
Westvic Staffing Solutions

Maddix Hughes

Nastassja Ivanov
NextGen Jobs

Sam Marshall
GForce Employment + Recruitment

Inspiration Award:
Overcoming Adversity

Daphne O'Meara
WPC Group

Dylan Walsh
Westvic Staffing Solutions

Hedayatullah Habibi
NECA Education & Careers

Marina Naifah
GForce Employment + Recruitment

Tealo Gilles
GForce Employment + Recruitment
Inspiration Award:
Indigenous Student of the Year

Aimee Hall

Billy Collins
GForce Employment + Recruitment

Donald Chatfied
GForce Employment + Recruitment

Jaynaya Miller

Jenaya Bartlett

Liam Dunstan
NextGen Jobs

SBAT of the Year

Sebastian Streat
BGT Jobs + Training

Tode Postolov
Victorian Group Training
Inspiration Award:
Women in Trades

Abbey Evans
Ai Group

Daphne O'Meara
WPC Group

Lucinda Baranowski
GForce Employment + Recruitment

McKenzie Smart
NECA Education & Careers

Natasha Atkins
WPC Group

Rachael Zahra
GForce Employment + Recruitment

STAR (Stop Taking a Risk) Award

Anthony Thomas
Ai Group

Tom Kernick
BGT Jobs + Training

Congratulations and best of luck to all finalists.

2022 Apprentice Training Awards
The Plaza Ballroom
191 Collins Street Melbourne
Wednesday 23 November 2022

GAN Conference - Registrations Now Open!

2023 GAN Future of Apprenticeships Header v2
We invite you to be a part of 'The Future of Apprenticeships Perspectives from Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia striving for excellence' 2023 GAN Melbourne Conference

On behalf of the conference organising committee of 'The Future of Apprenticeships: Perspectives from Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia striving for excellence', we are pleased invite you to be a part of a leading event focused on reigniting apprenticeships in Australia and connecting like minded international collaborators, government stakeholders, industry participants, group training organisations, unions and educational institutions to build economic prosperity by working together.

The conference promises to be an excellent opportunity to network and connect with industry stake holders, participate in a range of workshops, study tours, facilitated debates and attend industry network events.

Melbourne: 5th February to 8th February 2023 (inc. travel to Aukland, NZ on 8th February)
Auckland: 9th February to 10th February 2023

Victoria Flood Crisis Support Payments

Payment support from Services Australia
Apprentices might be able to access funding through the Victoria Government. Whilst we cannot give you advice on this, we can provide the information for you to follow up as everyone has different circumstances.

The Services Australia website provides detailed information about the available support if you are affected by the floods.

Disaster Recovery Allowance
The Disaster Recovery Allowance may be available for apprentices that have lost income/ wages as a direct result of the Victorian Floods starting in October 2022.
Apprentices might be eligible for a maximum of 13 weeks from the date you started losing income as a direct result of the Victorian Floods that started on 6 October 2022. The payment you're entitled to depends on your circumstances.

Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment
The Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment (AGDRP) is a lump sum payment to help you if you’ve been significantly affected by Victorian Floods in October 2022.

The Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment is not for minor damage or inconvenience. Information on how to assist with claims for major damage is available through your myGov account.

Business Victoria - Small Business Immediate Flood Relief Program
The Victorian Government has announced a flood relief package to support Victorian businesses incurring significant direct flood damage during the Victorian flood events that commenced in October 2022. The Small Business Immediate Flood Relief Program includes one-off grants of $5000 to support thousands of businesses, with additional support available through a new dedicated Business Relief Service.

National Training Awards

Recently the National Training Awards finalists were announced.

The Australian Training Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements in the vocational education and training sector.

The Australian Training Awards commenced in 1994. Over this time many individuals, businesses, and registered training organisations have been rewarded for showcasing best practice in VET.

The Awards are held annually in November in a different state or territory. The 2022 Awards will be held in Adelaide, South Australia, on Friday 18 November 2022.

Tickets are now available for purchase until sold out.

WorkSafe Victoria – October Health and Safety Month

WorkSafe Health and Safety Month will present its biggest ever program of events when it returns to the road next month, following two years of online-only sessions due to COVID-19.

Regional Events will take place between 4 & 21 October. With webinars running from 24 October to 28 October 2022.

For a full list of FREE WorkSafe Health and Safety Month events, please visit WorkSafe.

National OH&S Safety Month

October is National Safe Work Month - a time to commit to building a safe and healthy workplace.

Being healthy and safe means being free from physical and psychological harm. A safe and healthy workplace benefits everyone.

During October each year, Safe Work Australia asks businesses, employers and workers across Australia to join National Safe Work Month and commit to building safe and healthy workplaces for all Australians.

Supporting the overarching theme of know safety, work safely, each week focuses on a different health and safety area:

Week 1: Injuries at work
Week 2: Mental health
Week 3: Managing WHS risks and preventing harm
Week 4: Safe and healthy work for all

We encourage you to visit National Safe Work Month to explore the information and events.

Beware of Hidden Hazards in Flood Clean-Up

Victorians in flood-affected areas are urged to be alert for unexpected hazards in the workplace and fully assess the risks involved when commencing any clean-up activities.

Contaminated water, broken glass and debris, damaged electricity supplies and asbestos are among the risks to health and safety facing those returning to flooded worksites.

Employers must ensure work is properly planned and coordinated with regular communication, sufficient training and supervision for workers and volunteers, and regular rest breaks to manage fatigue.

When cleaning up after a flood, workers must be equipped with appropriate protective clothing such as sturdy, waterproof boots, heavy duty gloves and eyewear.

Common hazards include sewage containing harmful bacteria that may have overflowed inside a building, wet, slippery and unstable surfaces, and wild animals including rodents, snakes and spiders.

WorkSafe Executive Director of Health and Safety Narelle Beer said duty holders should follow any recommendations by emergency services before entering flood-affected sites. Dr Beer said workplaces inundated with contaminated floodwater must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and also stressed the importance of personal hygiene.

"Only use water that has been boiled or disinfected to wash your hands," Dr Beer said. "Wear protective clothing to avoid cuts from glass and other sharp objects that may be floating in contaminated water."

Damaged gas and electricity appliances are another hazard. They must be avoided until declared safe by an electrician or plumber. Dr Beer advised, "Use battery-operated torches instead of candles. Open flames could be dangerous if gas has collected inside a building."

Employers are also urged take the necessary steps if a damaged workplace contains asbestos.

"If your workplace contains asbestos building materials, licensed asbestos contractors should be employed to undertake any repair and renovation."

Things to consider during clean-up and recovery include:

  • Before starting any task, take time to identify potential hazards and consider how to remove or control the associated risks.
  • Ensure work is properly planned and coordinated with regular communication, sufficient supervision and regular rest breaks.
  • Only use equipment that is in good condition, fit for purpose and has appropriate guards in place.
  • Have appropriate personal protective equipment for each task (for example boots, gloves, eye and ear protection, hats, sun protective clothing and high visibility vests) and ensure it is worn correctly.
  • Ensure machinery and vehicle operators are competent and experienced in using specific equipment for the intended task.
  • Clear debris from areas where vehicles are operating, implement traffic management plans and be aware of unstable ground and potential washouts hidden by standing water.
  • Use powered machinery for lifting large or heavy items, particularly if they are waterlogged.
  • Identify any likely asbestos containing materials or dangerous chemicals.
  • Ensure children are well supervised and away from areas where work is going on.

For further information on how to protect yourself against hidden hazards, please visit WorkSafe Victoria.

Inspiring Young People to Join Victorian Youth Congress

The Victorian Government is calling on young Victorians to have their say on the things that matter most to them.

Minister for Youth Ros Spence this week opened applications for the 2023 Victorian Youth Congress, with the opportunity to join existing members continuing for a second term in the program.

The Victorian Youth Congress is an advisory body of young Victorians aged between 12 and 25. The congress provides advice to inform and shape Victorian Government policy and programs for young people.

Members of the Victorian Youth Congress have played a pivotal role in the development of Victoria’s Youth Strategy Our Promise, Your Future. Successful new applicants will help to drive the implementation of the five-year plan.

The Victorian Youth Strategy, launched in August of this year, aims to improve the health, wellbeing and future of all young Victorians and to ensure young people’s voices are at the centre of decision making across government.

The Government thanks outgoing members of the Congress who have made substantial contributions to Victoria’s Youth Strategy, along with other government programs.

Previous experience is not required and young, diverse Victorians from rural, regional and metropolitan areas are encouraged to apply to join the congress.

Applications open on Monday 17 October and close on Friday 11 November 2022.

NCVER Update

The latest NCVER report shows that apprentice and trainee commencements increased to 85,470 in the March quarter 2022, the highest number for a quarter since 2012.

Commencements in non-trade occupations drove most of the increase, up by 41.1% compared to March quarter 2021. Those in trade occupations rose by 7.8%.

The industry sectors with the largest absolute increases in commencements were Accommodation (51.0%), Manufacturing (37.7%), and Administrative and Support Services (21.7%) compared to March quarter 2021.

A total of 387,830 apprentices and trainees were in-training in March quarter 2022, an increase of 17.1% compared to the same time in 2021.

Completions also grew nationally by 11.5% in March quarter 2022 compared with the same quarter in 2021. Trade completions increased by 9.6% while those in non-trade occupations rose by 13.8%.

To access the full report, please visit NCVER.

Upcoming AEN Professional Development


Upcoming PD in October

26 October - Supporting Apprentices with Disability

For more information about these PD sessions and to register, please go to AEN Events Calendar and select the event. All prices include GST.

AEN Members: Please login to Member’s area prior to purchasing tickets to access the member rate or to RSVP for a free event.

Retrenched Apprentices and Trainees Program

Retrenched Apprentices and Trainees Program Logo
Out of Trade Banner
Since the program commenced in May 2020, a total of 920 participants have been supported to date.
  • 83.8% Male
  • 15.9% Female
For Individuals
Apprentices and trainees who have lost employment are encouraged to register.

Once registered, apprentices and trainees will be assisted by one of our program officers until placed with a host employer through a Group Training Organisation (GTO), or directly with an employer.
For Businesses
If you have an apprenticeship position you would like to fill, please contact the AEN Office so we can forward potential candidates that meet your criteria.

For further information or to register for the program, please visit Apprenticeship Employment Network.
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