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Friday, 30th November 2018
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Victorian State Election results and New Cabinet

Victoria Map
Saturdays election has seen a large swing towards the Labour Government with the current counting indicating 58 seats to Labour with 10 still too close to call.

On Thursday this week the Labour Government made the announcement of their new ministerial cabinet.

Premier Daniel Andrews unveiled the new Labor Government’s Cabinet, which will have 50 per cent women, and 50 per cent of the lead Ministers of Government departments will be women.

Deputy Premier James Merlino will continue as Education Minister, as 1,300 schools across Victoria are upgraded, 100 new schools over the next eight years are opened, and universal three-year old kinder is rolled out.

Gavin Jennings will be the Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council and remains as Special Minister of State, along with responsibility for Priority Precincts and Aboriginal Affairs.

Jaclyn Symes will join the Cabinet as Deputy Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council. As a strong advocate for regional Victoria, she will take on the portfolios of Regional Development, Agriculture, and Resources but will not been sworn in until the Victorian Electoral Commission declares her election. Minister Pulford and the Treasurer will continue to have responsibility for these portfolios until that time.

Tim Pallas will remain as Treasurer, continuing to oversee Victoria’s strong economy and budget surpluses. He will also be responsible for Economic Development and Industrial Relations. He will work with Robin Scott as the Assistant Treasurer, who will also be the Minister for Veterans.

Jacinta Allan takes on the portfolio of Transport Infrastructure, with responsibility for projects including the Level Crossing Removal Program, North East Link, West Gate Tunnel, Metro Tunnel and Suburban Rail Loop.

Minister Allan leads an all-female transport team with Jaala Pulford becoming the Minister for Roads, Road Safety and the TAC, and Minister for Fishing and Boating.

New Cabinet member Melissa Horne will become Minister for Public Transport, Ports and Freight.

Martin Pakula will be the lead Minister in the Government for jobs, with responsibility for Jobs, Innovation and Trade. He will also be Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events, and Minister for Racing.

Gayle Tierney remains as the Minister for Training and Skills and Higher Education.


Daniel Andrews - Premier
James Merlino - Deputy Premier, Minister for Education
Gavin Jennings - Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council, Special Minister of State, Minister for Priority Precincts, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
Jaclyn Symes* - Deputy Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council*, Minister for Regional Development*, Minister for Agriculture*, Minister for Resources*
Tim Pallas - Treasurer, Minister for Economic Development, Minister for Industrial Relations
Jacinta Allan - Leader of the House, Minister for Transport Infrastructure
Ben Carroll - Minister for Crime Prevention, Minister for Corrections, Minister for Youth Justice, Minister for Victim Support
Lily D'Ambrosio - Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Minister for Solar Homes
Luke Donnellan - Minister for Child Protection, Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers
Martin Foley - Minister for Mental Health, Minister for Equality, Minister for Creative Industries
Jill Hennessy - Attorney-General, Minister for Workplace Safety
Melissa Horne - Minister for Public Transport, Minister for Ports and Freight
Marlene Kairouz - Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation, Minister for Suburban Development
Jenny Mikakos - Minister for Health, Minister for Ambulance Services
Lisa Neville - Minister for Water, Minister for Police and Emergency Services
Martin Pakula - Minister for Jobs, Innovation and Trade, Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events, Minister for Racing
Jaala Pulford - Minister for Roads, Minister for Road Safety and the TAC, Minister for Fishing and Boating
Robin Scott - Assistant Treasurer, Minister for Veterans
Adem Somyurek - Minister for Local Government, Minister for Small Business
Gayle Tierney - Minister for Training and Skills, Minister for Higher Education
Gabrielle Williams - Minister for Prevention of Family Violence, Minister for Women, Minister for Youth
Richard Wynne - Minister for Planning, Minister for Housing, Minister for Multicultural Affairs

Parliamentary Secretaries

Danny Pearson - Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier
Lizzie Blandthorn - Parliamentary Secretary for Carers, Parliamentary Secretary for Sport
Josh Bull - Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs
Anthony Carbines - Parliamentary Secretary for Health
Steve Dimopoulos - Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer
Paul Edbrooke - Parliamentary Secretary for Police and Emergency Services
Jane Garrett - Parliamentary Secretary for Jobs
Natalie Hutchins - Parliamentary Secretary for Treaty
Sonya Kilkenny - Parliamentary Secretary for Early Childhood Education
Frank McGuire - Parliamentary Secretary for Crime Prevention, Parliamentary Secretary for Medical Research
Tim Richardson - Parliamentary Secretary for Schools
Harriet Shing - Parliamentary Secretary for Mental Health
Ros Spence - Parliamentary Secretary for Road Infrastructure
Vicki Ward - Parliamentary Secretary for Public Transport Infrastructure

We look forward to again working with Minister Tierney and the department over the coming months/years.

To access further information on the election results and each MP please visit the Victorian Electoral Commission.

Also this week Gill Callister, Greg Wilson and Richard Bolt, the heads (Secretaries) of Victoria’s Education, Justice and Economic Development departments, have announced their resignations ahead of possible government/department changes.

For further details please visit The Mandarin.

Apprenticeship Wage Subsidy Extended to Include 21-24 Age Groups

On Thursday this week the Federal Government announced that it will extend the adult wage subsidy to employers to include new apprentices aged 21-24.

It has been argued the Fair Work Commission’s determination that an “adult apprentice” for wage purposes was someone aged 21 or older when they started the ­apprenticeship has created a disincentive for businesses to take on an ­apprentice aged 21 to 24. The ­result has been a decline in the number of adult apprentices in that age bracket.

Skills and Vocational ­Education Minister Michaelia Cash said the $27.7 million ­program was making it easier for Australians to start an ­apprenticeship.

“Older apprentices are some of the best workers in our community,” she said. “The experience and ­maturity they bring to their ­apprenticeship — after years of studying or working elsewhere — are valued by employers."

“Extending the eligibility to adult apprentices aged 21 to 24 will encourage more of our ­employers to take them on.”

AEN congratulate the government on this initiative as this has been a policy position of the association for a number of years.

Further details will be available shortly.

Federal Government Announces a Review into VET

VET Review
On Wednesday evening this week Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the government would commence a review in the VET sector.

For further information please visit Australian Financial Review and the Department of Education and Training Media Centre.

BSL – Given the Chance Program

BSL - Given The Chance
On Wednesday morning this week the Brotherhood of St Laurence held an industry breakfast at the Windsor hotel to celebrate 5 years of the “Given the chance” program.

Given the Chance is a set of programs designed to assist marginalised job seekers into work, support employers to grow and diversify their workforce, and foster social benefit and inclusion in workplace communities.

An initiative of the Brotherhood of St Laurence, Given the Chance is being rolled out nationally to meet the demands of employers, matching them with potential employees in a professional, personalised and fully supported way.


  • Traineeships and apprenticeships provide on the job experience, coupled with essential qualifications for future employment, and usually include pre-vocational training.
  • Labour hire provides job seekers with much needed Australian workplace experience, while allowing employers time to identify whether they may be suitable for longer term employment.
  • A relationship manager is appointed to support supervisors, field questions and identify further support where needed.
  • The Building Bridges Cultural Awareness training helps develop manager skills to assist with employees' integration into the workplace and provides practical tools and information to help navigate cultural differences that may arise.
  • Each employee is appointed a field officer to help navigate the transition to employment.
  • Employers can also access wider Brotherhood services to support new and existing employees, including support to boost English skills and micro finance assistance.
BSL also released a report highlighting how the program has assisted asylum seekers and other people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Congratulations to Jo and Eileen and the team at BSL

For further details please visit BSL - Given the Chance.

National Apprenticeships Forums 2017-18 Final Report

Apprenticeships Post 2020
From August 2017 to June 2018 the Commonwealth Dept. of Education and Training commissioned PhillipsKPA to deliver a series of five National Apprenticeships Forums titled “Apprenticeships Post 2020” with many of our members attending the events.
The aim of the Forums was to provide stakeholders of the Australian Apprenticeships system to meet and engage on key issues and explore innovative approaches to training and work-based learning.

The final report is a summary of the forums and can be viewed here.

Jump for Bully Zero - Fundraising

BullyZero - Skydiving
As an organisation that receives no government funding, Bully Zero are reliant on the generosity of their supporters to raise vital awareness and funds.

These funds ensure that Bully Zero can deliver their educational programs across all parts of Australia, educating students, parents, teachers, apprentices / trainees, employers and the wider community on how to prevent bullying.

Help us throw Gary Workman out of a plane for a good cause!

Now many of you would also like to throw a Collingwood supporter out of a plane – so here is your chance to do both – support a great cause and see Gary jump out of a plane at 1pm on 15 December at the St. Kilda Marina.

As at 9am on Friday this week you have helped raise over $2020. Thank you to everyone that has supported the fundraising effort so far.

To view the fundraising page and to donate please visit My Cause - Gary Workman.

Thanks for your support in this fantastic cause – it is greatly appreciated.

Delivering Skilled Workers for a Stronger Economy

One of the most critical roles of the CEO of the future is to understand how their business is going to change and to proactively consider how they can up-skill their workforce accordingly.

PwC data currently shows Australian CEO concern for the availability of key skills has been rising for several years, which comes as many organisations prepare and start both automation and digital transformation.

When asked which areas organisations will prioritise investment in over the next two years, Australian respondents ranked the skills and development of the workforce as their third priority (out of a possible seven choices), their APEC peers ranked this second.

PwC estimates there will be net job creation from digital technology, however a collaborative approach is needed to assist people in adapting to the digital age. Organisations will need to invest in developing these skills to alleviate their growing concerns about skill availability.

Governments, businesses and communities need to work together in pioneering new approaches to education and training.

Sara Caplan CEO of PwC’s Skills for Australia recently outlined the need for educators and businesses to build a pipeline from the classroom to the workplace, so that the skills being taught today match the skills we will be demanding tomorrow.

To access the full article please visit PwC Australia.

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