AE News Volume 9, Issue 44

Monday, 27th May 2019

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08 FEBRUARY  - Financial Controllers & IR

22 FEBRUARY  - QA Standards

02 MARCH - GTO Managers Meeting


Holmesglen Industry Breakfast

On Friday morning last week Holmesglen Institute held an industry breakfast at their Bulli Street - Moorrabbin Campus to showcase their workforce solutions and industry specific courses which includes;

• Dogging & rigging

• OH&S

• Scaffolding

• Traffic management

• Civil construction

• Rope access

• Confined spaces

• Elevated work platforms

• Forklift / boom lift

• And a range of other OH&S and Worksafe Victoria accredited programs 

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Name change sees Group Training Australia become the National Apprentice Employment Network

Group Training Australia, has changed its name to the National Apprentice Employment Network (NAEN), in a move which better reflects its role and function.

The National Executive Officer of NAEN, Ms Lauren Tiltman, said the change of name and logo is designed to more accurately reflect the organisation’s activities in matching apprentices and trainees to employers in businesses across Australia.

“The group training sector is an important contributor to skills development for young people transitioning into the workforce, as well as for those making career transitions, and the change of name will help in communicating this, ” Ms Tiltman said.

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Australian Industry and Skills Committee Industry Reference Committees Review and announcement of Skills Service Organisations

Industry Reference Committee Review

Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) are central to the development of occupational skills standards - or training packages – that reflect the skills needs and priorities of employers.

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) is reviewing the structure and membership of its network of IRCs to ensure they provide relevant, up-to-date expertise to support training package development for their industry. A number of IRC reviews are complete, including Furnishing, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Worker, and Electrotechnology, with several more underway. It is expected the remaining IRCs will be finalised in early 2017.

More information is available on the AISC website.

The AISC met in Darwin on 17 November 2016, approving the structure and membership of five IRCs. Further information on the outcomes of the meeting is available in their communique.

Skills Service Organisations Announced

Skills Service Organisations (SSOs) provide professional enabling services (including technical, operational and secretariat activities) to IRCs, to support engagement with industry and guide the development of training packages.

On 10 November 2016, the Hon Karen Andrews MP, Assistant Minister for Vocational Education and Skills, announced SSOs for the three remaining sectors:

• Innovation and Business Skills Australia for the manufacturing sector; and

• PricewaterhouseCoopers Skills for Australia.

They join SSOs:

• SkillsIQ;

• Artibus Innovation;

• Sills Impact; and

• Australian Industry Standards.

More information is available on the Australian Industry and Skills Committee website.


The Foundation Skills Assessment Tool is available now

Funded by the Department of Education and Training, the Foundation Skills Assessment Tool (FSAT) is an interactive online tool designed to identify and measure an individual’s foundation skill levels (English language, literacy and numeracy skills as well as employability skills). These skills are fundamental to participation in the workforce, the community and in adult education and training.

FSAT will provide valuable information to trainers and educators through RTOs, enabling them to assess their client’s foundation skill levels, and identify skills and knowledge where additional development may be beneficial. This, in turn, will assist students and job seekers, by targeting the areas where individuals may require additional support.

The department is currently working with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to finalise and validate FSAT. By participating in this phase of FSAT development, you will be helping to ensure that a final and free version of FSAT is available to the VET sector as quickly as possible. We invite you to use the tool and provide feedback.

Further information regarding FSAT, including answers to ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, is available on the website


MEGT Staff – recognised for years of service to the group training industry

On Tuesday afternoon this week AEN presented 3 industry service awards to MEGT staff

People in the photo Gary Workman AEN, Steve Allen 10 years, Sally Taufer 15 years , John Mercieca 10 years’ service and  David Windridge MEGT CEO.

Congratulations to Steve, Sally and John.


ACNC Update - Registered Charity Tick

Registered charities can now download a copy of the ACNC's Registered Charity Tick - a simple, attractive logo that registered charities can use to show their charity status.

Charities that want to take advantage of the Registered Charity Tick access it by logging into the secure Charity Portal. Charities using the Tick are required to accept terms and conditions of use, as well as usage guidelines.

The Registered Charity Tick can be used by registered charities on printed and digital media.

To download a copy of the Registered Charity Tick, registered charities need to log into the Charity Portal and read and accept the terms and conditions. It’s that simple!

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Award winning VET Alumni

VET Alumni members comprise Australia’s best VET students, businesses, teachers and registered training organisations. They know first-hand the value in investing in VET as either a career, to grow their business or to enhance their training services.

If you are considering a VET course to start your career, or if you are looking for a career change, you can find information and get inspired by selecting Individual (student) stories. Select your career of interest from the industry list. You can then choose your state or territory to read about someone near you.

If you are considering using VET to start or grow your business you can read how award winning employers are using VET to improve their business by selecting Business and then choosing your industry area. You can then choose your state or territory to read about a business near you.

To find out more about the best training institutes in your state or territory, select Registered Training Organisation then choose your state or territory.

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Release of the Job Jumpstart website

The Australian Government Department of Employment is pleased to announce the launch of the Job Jumpstart website.

What is Job Jumpstart?

Job Jumpstart is a one-stop-shop for young people seeking employment planning and job search information. The website brings together a range of relevant government information as well as recruitment insights from Australian employers to help young people better understand their employment goals and how to achieve them.

The simple but intuitive content filtering approach enables users to easily access information relevant to their unique life stage. Users can also sort content by the three main topics: Looking for a job, Building a career and At work. The website offers content in the form of articles; with workbooks, videos and external links available for those wishing to explore a topic in more detail.

Support for teachers and advisers

The website contains a section dedicated to those providing advice and support to young people including parents, teachers, school career advisers and employment consultants. Visit our Adviser section or search our Toolbox for a range of workbooks, fact sheets and tip sheets.

The Department is seeking your feedback, ideas and suggestions on how they could improve this service. Feedback can be submitted via the website.

Article provided by: Australian Government Department of Employment.


Open for ideas: Try, Test and Learn Fund

Innovative ideas that help move people from welfare to work will be funded by the Turnbull Government, with the opening of the $96 million Try, Test and Learn Fund this week.

Using insights from the Australian Priority Investment Approach to Welfare, the Try, Test and Learn Fund will initially target and invest in groups of young people who are at-risk of long-term welfare dependency.

Speaking at Mission Australia’s Campsie site in western Sydney, Minister for Social Services, Christian Porter, encouraged new and forward-thinking ideas on how we can support people to have better lives through work and independence from the welfare system.

“This is an innovative Government initiative; from Friday 9 December until late-February, we want your ideas on how we can help people who may be at risk of being on welfare for the long term to find, retain and flourish in long-term employment,” the Minister said.

“Our priority groups for this first round of the Try, Test and Learn Fund are young carers, young parents and young students at risk of long-term unemployment.

“Existing programs such as ParentsNext and the Empowering YOUth Initiatives are already supporting innovative new service approaches. Through the first phase of the Fund, we want to build on these approaches by trying and testing scalable, efficient initiatives that help young people establish themselves in the workforce.

“At the end of the day, the Fund isn’t about kicking people off welfare and saving money. Nor is it about replacing programs that are already doing great work across Australia, or expanding existing programs. It is about investing in people who may need some extra help.

“The evidence from the Baseline Valuation Report tells us that what we’re currently doing isn’t helping people as it should be. That’s why we need your ideas to do it differently. We need your ideas to better help people at risk of welfare dependence, and better help their children.”

From Friday 9 December, ideas for the Fund can be submitted using a simple online form on the Department of Social Services’ (DSS) Engage website.

Ideas will be published on DSS Engage for everyone to see, to encourage collaboration and innovation. A discussion forum will run alongside the ideas generation phase, to encourage people to share views about how to help people in our priority groups, through the Try, Test and Learn Fund.

“We expect proposals to come from industry, the not-for-profit sector, NGOs – any group with ideas about how we can help improve lives through self-reliance and employment,” Mr Porter said.

“The most promising ideas will be selected for development into possible policy initiatives, which will involve refinement and co-design of the idea in preparation for funding.

“Our aim is that by May 2017, the first handful of successful ideas will have been selected by Government, and we will be on our way to on-the-ground implementation.”

The Fund itself is the product of innovation. Over thirty key stakeholders—representing service providers, academia, social enterprise and business—helped design the Fund, including how ideas are published online for public review and collaboration.

“I’m absolutely committed to making sure that the Fund operates in a way that fosters innovation and collaboration, while minimising the burden of red tape,” Mr Porter said.

More information about the Try, Test and Learn Fund and the Priority Investment Approach is available here.

To submit an idea for the Try, Test and Learn Fund, please click here.


The Needanapprentice website currently has 288 job ads and 10 resumes online.

If you haven't done so already, we encourage you to register your details on the website to gain access to the apprentice listings and post your vacancies.

Registration is free and only takes a moment to complete and you could be filling your vacancies right away.

If you need any assistance with registering, posting a vacancy or would like further information please contact the AEN office on 9639 3955 or email