AE News Volume 10, Issue 12

Monday, 27th May 2019

Upcoming Events

04 MAY        -   Field Officers Network - Mental Health Workshop

30 MAY        -   Workplace Bullying - Presented by Bully Zero

29 JUNE      -   AEN Midyear Conference All Seasons Bendigo


AEN Midyear Conference 29 & 30 June - Registrations Are Now Open

This year AEN is holding it's mid-year conference at the All Seasons in Bendigo on the 29 & 30 June. There are a number of speakers over the  1 ½ day event including

Minister for Training and Skills – Hon. Gayle Tierney

Updates From:

• Victorian Department of Higher Education and Skills

• Victorian Skills Commissioner Office

• Victorian Regulations and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) Victorian GTO standards and audit process for 2017/18

• Victorian Major Projects

• Commonwealth Department of Education & Training

For conference details and to register please visit the aen website.

Discounted early bird registrations close 19 May.


Holmesglen Institute Annual Awards

On Friday evening last week Holmesglen institute held their annual awards festival showcasing their best students from 2016.

2016 outstanding VCAL student – Lauren Graunke

Outstanding Apprentice – Greg Hogan (G-Force Apprentice)

Outstanding Certificate – Jillian Hardy

Outstanding Diploma – Alison Hayes

Outstanding international student – Panhavuth Kret

Outstanding Higher Education student – Alexie Beovich

Individual student achievement award – Joshua Finlay

Excellence in customer service – Jemma Gendall

Innovation and excellence award – Robbie Coyle

Congratulations to finalists and all the winners.

For further information please click here.


Youth Jobs PaTH

Earlier this week, the Turnbull Government launched the Youth Jobs PaTH program.

The Youth Jobs PaTH program will assist 120,000 young Australians into internships to help them gain real world, practical experience in a business.

A common concern held by many young Australians is that they do not have the required experience to enter the workforce, yet that experience can only be gained by being employed – the PaTH program addresses this problem.

It is critical that young people are equipped with the work-ready skills they need and employers demand so that they are able to get a job and become valuable contributors to the Australian workforce.

Youth Jobs PaTH is a flexible new approach to youth employment. It is designed to support young people to gain the skills and work experience they need to get and keep a job. It also supports employers to host internship placements and provides them with incentives when they take on a young person. Youth Jobs PaTH has three elements: Prepare - Trial - Hire

For further information please visit:

Media Release

Youth PaTH

JobActive Website


Help to Deal With Competency Based Progression For Apprentices

Apprentice Progression works with employers to help them manage competency based wage progression for their apprentices. They translate competency standards to normal workplace tasks and check with employers that apprentices can perform to their expectations, not those of the RTO, before any wage progression takes place.

Apprentice Progression can work directly with employers to help them manage progression and their communications with RTOs, or can support group training organisations in the services they provide to their hosts.

Apprentice Progression is managed by Peter Canavan, who has run projects across Australia to help training providers deal with apprenticeship progression, and has run workshops for hundreds of apprentice supervisors. They are also able to provide consultancy services to agencies in the VET sector. For more information click here.


Expressions of Interest For Funding Under Two Jobs Victoria Programs Have Opened

The Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources.

(DEDJTR) wishes to advise that expressions of interest for funding under two Jobs Victoria programs have opened.

1. The Jobs Victoria Employment Network - Stage 2

Under the first stage of the Jobs Victoria Employment Network (JVEN), $39.2 million was allocated for 38 new employment services which commenced from October 2016. The Department is pleased to announce that a further $10.5 million is available to expand employment assistance to disadvantaged jobseekers. This additional funding will focus on addressing identified gaps in current services.

2. The new Jobs Victoria Innovation Fund

The Fund will enable the Government to support new and innovative projects that have the potential to improve employment services and/or contribute to enhancing employment outcomes for the long-term unemployed and those facing barriers to entering the workforce. The Government will allocate grants of between $50,000 and $250,000 to approved projects.

Expressions of Interest close Tuesday 2 May 2017 at 2pm.

For information on Stage 2, including program guidelines, eligibility and how to apply please click here.


ASQA Update – New Audit Approach

An independent evaluation of the Australian Skills Quality Authority’s (ASQA) new audit approach has found widespread support among providers and other stakeholders in the vocational education and training sector.

Assistant Minister for Vocational Education and Skills, Karen Andrews, said the evaluation endorsed all key features of ASQA’s new approach which places a greater focus on the student experience.

“ASQA has developed a suite of strategies to strengthen its risk-based approach to regulation,” Ms Andrews said.

“ASQA’s new approach to audit builds on innovative regulatory practices in Australia and internationally. It shifts the focus from compliance of systems and procedures to quality outcomes with greater emphasis on students.

“The initial implementation of the new approach has now been independently evaluated and found more effective in taking action against poor quality training providers. The evaluation has recommended it be used for all future audits and said it was ready to roll out. ”

Key features endorsed in the evaluation include:

• a focus on the student experience in scoping the audit and reporting outcomes;

• a focus on practices and behaviours of providers, rather than systems and processes;

• improved use of risk intelligence including a risk dashboard and profile;

• increased student input to audits through surveys, interviews and focus groups;

• more customised audit scope based on provider profile;

• providers more accountable for remedying the impact of non-compliances on students; and

• more timely and efficient regulatory actions.

For further information please click here.


AICD – NFP - Blueprint For Growth

Five year government funding cycles and the freedom to have a voice in public debate for government-funded not-for-profit organisations and their boards are vital to the future of the charity sector, according to the national directors peak body.

The Australian Institute of Company Directors released on Tuesday what it called a “blueprint for the nation’s future”, including specific recommendations to assist the not-for-profit sector.

The second edition of the AICD’s national reform agenda, Governance of the Nation: A Blueprint for Growth 2017, calls on Australia’s political and business leaders to take action to end policy and governance paralysis. The comprehensive plan outlines steps to help boost productivity and ensure Australia can face its current economic and social challenges

The AICD’s Blueprint sets out a plan for long-term growth with recommendations in six areas:

  1. Reforming national governance – calling for fixed, four-year terms for the federal government, reforms to the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) process and leadership from Australian directors in governance standards and practice.

  2. Fiscal sustainability – calling for spending reforms to return government expenditure as a percentage of GDP to pre-GFC levels, and tax reform to promote economic growth, improve fairness and increase competitiveness. A change in the tax mix from inefficient direct taxes is recommended, supported by a lift in the GST rate (with compensation).

  3. Innovation and entrepreneurialism – calling for a pushback against protectionism in all its forms, review of regulatory settings that encourage risk aversion and increased engagement between business, government and academia.

  4. Partnership with not-for-profits – calling for five-year funding cycles for the NFP sector and national harmonisation in NFP regulations, such as fundraising.

  5. Human capital – calling for an increase in female participation, industrial relations reform, and a national focus on skills training and education.

  6. National infrastructure – calling for a 15-year infrastructure plan with project reporting, benchmarking and governance, increased use of ‘good’ debt to fund productive infrastructure, and greater use of private sector funding models.

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LH Martin - 'Visions for Australian Tertiary Education'

The Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education published its 2017 volume last month featuring contributions from leading education researchers, including LH Martin Institute staff, on the challenges and opportunities for the tertiary education sector. Download your free copy from the Centre website.


Victorian Worksafe Awards – Now Open

The 2017 Victorian WorkSafe Awards are the perfect way to establish yourself or your organisation as a leader in health, safety and wellbeing or return to work this year.

The awards are open to Victorians in any industry. And with nine award categories that celebrate everything from individual achievements to business solutions and inventions, you’re sure to find one to best share your story.

For further information please click here.


The Needanapprentice website currently has 34 job ads and 13 resumes online.

If you haven't done so already, we encourage you to register your details on the website to gain access to the apprentice listings and post your vacancies.

Registration is free and only takes a moment to complete and you could be filling your vacancies right away.

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