AE News Volume 10, Issue 29

Tuesday, 28th May 2019

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17 AUGUST -   Field Officers Conference

23 AUGUST -   QA/GTO Standards



Tradies Health Month has Begun

Australia's hundreds of thousands of tradies may enjoy the outdoors, but it comes at a price with one in five of all serious workplace injuries involving a tradie.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) have created Tradies National Health Month to help provide valuable information for tradies on the importance of full body health and safety.
Tradies have among the highest number of injuries, musculoskeletal conditions and other health and safety risks of any profession evident in the Stop Trading Your Health Away report from 2014. 
The APA felt there was no dedicated support centre for tradies, therefore creating a month that focuses on tradie full-body health and safety to improve their awareness and well-being. 

Throughout August, the APA will promote health and safety tips and encourage tradies and trade companies to register to be a part of the Tradies National Health Month by holding Tradies Health events in their local areas. 

Be part of the movement and follow the hashtags on twitter #tradieshealth #dontignorethepain #tradietips

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Working with Children Checks – New Regulations Commenced 1 August

Better recruitment, selection and screening practices for people working with children was identified by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse as a key measure to improve protection for children against harm. One of the outcomes of the Royal Commission was a Working with Children Checks Report, which made several recommendations to strengthen Working with Children Checks (WWCC) practices across Australia. In November 2016, the Victorian Parliament adopted some of these in an amendment to the Working with Children Act 2005 (Vic).

When will the changes come into effect?

The new laws commenced 1 August 2017.

What does the new law say?

Under the current Working with Children Check Act 2005 (Vic), a person engaged in ‘child-related work’ must obtain a WWCC. Currently, child-related work involves contact with a child that is unsupervised, direct and a part of the person’s duties in a particular occupational category (listed in the legislation).

There are four key changes your organisation should be aware of.

  1. ‘Direct contact’ definition expanded

Previously, ‘direct contact’ with a child involved face to face contact. The definition of ‘direct contact’ has now been widened to include written, oral and electronic communication. This means that letters, phone calls, email, SMS, MMS and other forms of remote communication will be considered ‘direct contact’, removing the requirement for physical proximity to the child. This change recognises the risks posed to children by online predators and the increasing opportunities to ‘groom’ children through technology.

  1. Supervision irrelevant

Under the new laws it will be necessary to obtain a WWCC regardless of whether contact with a child is supervised. Previously, a WWCC was not required if a person’s contact with a child was ‘directly supervised’. Because direct supervision did not require constant physical presence, in practice it was sometimes difficult to determine whether a WWCC was needed. This change eliminates any confusion by removing supervision as a consideration both for obtaining a WWCC and for assessing whether a person with a relevant criminal history might pose a risk to a child.

  1. ‘Kinship care’ included in ‘child-related work’

The definition of ‘child-related work’ has been expanded to include out of home care or ‘kinship care’. Generally, a person will need a WWCC if they are engaged in child-related work – being direct contact with a child – unless an exemption applies. Being ‘closely related’ to the child is one of the exemptions. The new law makes it clear that a family member or ‘other person of significance’ providing care out of home care to a child will be required to obtain a WWCC, despite that general exemption for closely related people.

  1. Non-conviction charges relevant to an assessment

Non-conviction charges are criminal charges against a person which did not result in a conviction or finding of guilt. Those charges will now form part of a relevant criminal history for a WWCC, where previously they were not. A person with a non-conviction charge will be assessed by the Department and will have their WWCC cleared unless they are considered to pose an unjustifiable risk to the safety of children or a reasonable person would not allow that person to have direct contact with a child.

Is there anything else we should know?

The new laws also provide the Department of Justice and Regulation with new powers to require the production of certain information. This may happen where there is a suspicion that a person is committing an offence against the Working with Children Act 2005 (Vic), or that a registered sex offender is engaging in child-related work. 

What does our community organisation need to do?

To make sure you are ready to comply with the new laws, you should take the following steps:

  1. Make sure you understand the new laws and how they apply to your organisation
  2. Undertake a review of the roles in your organisation and whether any of those previously not requiring WWCCs now fall into the new expanded definitions
  3. Update your recruitment, selection and screening practices to be consistent with the new requirements,

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Local Jobs Fairs in Victoria and SA

Jobs Fairs aim to give people the chance to explore employment opportunities in their local community.

They provide locals with an opportunity to talk directly to a range of employers about the skills they are looking for and find out about available job opportunities.

People will also be able to access information on a range of local employment support services and training options to help gain the skills to increase your ability to find employment more quickly.

Jobs Fairs are currently being conducted in the following locations:

• Geelong, VIC – 26 July 2017

• Melbourne North – 3 August 2017

• Melbourne South East – 18 August 2017

• Adelaide South – 24 August 2017

• Melbourne West – 31 August 2017

• Adelaide North – 21 September 2017

A number of GTOs and the AEN were at yesterday's event in Bundoora which had an excellent turnout.

For further information or to register to participate please click here.


2017 Field Officers Conference 17-18 August Geelong – Last Chance for Registrations

This year’s field officers conference promises to be jam packed with information and activities that will assist field officers.

The event is being held in Geelong on the 17 & 18 August.  

Guest speakers and workshops over the 1 ½ days  include:

• VRQA – Update on GTO Standards

• Department of Education Update

• Mental Health awareness

• Dealing with difficult behaviour

• Having difficult conversations

• Improving team work

• High performance teams

For further information and to register please click here.


Bullyzero Australia Foundation – Charity Ball Saturday 21 October – tickets now available

Tickets are now available to the Bullyzero Australia Foundation – Charity Ball being held on Saturday 21 October – Melbourne Docklands.

This is a great cause – so please show your support.

For further information please click here.

Or download the Flyer


Safety in Action Melbourne Trade Show & Safety Conference 5-6 September

Safety in Action is Australia’s leading occupational health and safety event dedicated to the safety, security and well being of the Australian workforce. Engage in three dedicated safety zones, network with over 120 exhibitors, learn from industry experts during free safety seminars and workshops, source the latest innovative products and services and get involved in the interactive opportunities the Show has to offer. A must-attend for every OH&S professional. Attendance is free for bona fide trade visitors

Held concurrently with the tradeshow, Safety in Action presents three high-profile conferences focusing on Safety Strategy, Leadership and Culture, Workplace Wellness and Return to Work. With over 350 delegates and 70+ speakers and the conferences running in adjacent rooms, you will be able to switch sessions and plan a track to suit your requirements.

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National Skills Week 2017: 28th August - 3rd September 2017

National Skills Week 2017 is fast approaching - 28th August - 3rd September, 2017.

The week encourages, informs and inspires people of all ages to explore the benefits of undertaking Vocational Education and Training. The week highlights the opportunities and successful outcomes trade and skill based careers can lead to.

National Skills Week has demonstrated the capacity to consistently find innovative ways to extend positive messaging; influencing the way people think, raising the status of practical and vocational learning and enabling Australians to gain a greater understanding of the opportunities and their potential.

Be part of it, get involved today as a supporter of National Skills Week. 

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The Needanapprentice website currently has 102 job ads and 3 resumes online.

If you haven't done so already, we encourage you to register your details on the website to gain access to the apprentice listings and post your vacancies.

Registration is free and only takes a moment to complete and you could be filling your vacancies right away.

If you need any assistance with registering, posting a vacancy or would like further information please contact the AEN office on 9639 3955 or email