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As an apprentice plumber, Rodney’s first encounter with Barwon Water led him to realise that he wanted to work with them.  Sometime down the track, when a traineeship arose at the company, he jumped at the opportunity. With 7 years’ experience working in the plumbing industry, Rodney has been able to bring that skillset and… Read more

This year the AEN received 84 nominations across 8 separate award categories including a new category for 2021 – the Disability Achievement Award. The judges would like to announce 39 finalists representing 11 GTOs with the award winners to be announced on 16 February 2022 at the Victorian Arts Centre Apprentice of the Year Alex… Read more

A new collaborative report from PwC, Social Ventures Australia, the Global Apprenticeship Network (Australia) and the Apprentice Employment Network (Victoria) identifies measures that are required to build an apprenticeship system that works in the modern world and remedy Australia’s chronic skills shortages. The What Will It Take report finds that young people in Australia have… Read more

Nathan Damjan is a young man on a mission. Leaving school in his early teens due to circumstances outside his control left him in a profoundly vulnerable position. It was life changing — but not in the way you might think. Demoralised and facing a future of diminished career options, he put all his energy… Read more

The Apprenticeship Employment Network (AEN) wants apprentices who have lost their jobs to sign up to the Retrenched Apprentices and Trainees Program (RATP) so they can be matched with a new employer and go on to complete their apprenticeship training. The program, run by the AEN and funded by the Victorian Government, has successfully facilitated 262 recommencements… Read more

The Victorian State budget, released today, shows the government understands the importance of the time-tested Apprenticeship model, with $52 million devoted to services delivered via GTO supporting organisations: $33 million to expand opportunities for apprentices and trainees through a flagship Big Build training pathway $19 million to introduce innovative new models for apprenticeships and traineeships,… Read more

Now in its tenth year, National Skills Week aims to raise the profile and status of VET in Australia by dispelling outdated myths and showcasing the attractive career opportunities that VET can offer. This goal is more crucial now than ever, with the reskilling and upskilling of Australian workers critical to our economic recovery post-COVID-19…. Read more

Apprentices and trainees who have lost their positions as a result of the coronavirus crisis will be able to register for help in finding new employers and staying engaged with their training. The Retrenched Apprentices and Trainees Program is a collaboration between the Apprenticeship Employment Network, the peak body for group training employers, and the Victorian… Read more