GTO Service Excellence Award 2016: Skillinvest


‘New Agricultural Traineeships for School Leavers in Drought affected North West Victoria’ program.  Skillinvest together with Longerong College developed and implemented a program to create 20 agricultural traineeships for school leavers affected by the drought in North West Victoria.   The program received $574,000 Government funding.  The aim of the program was to provide school leavers with local employment and training so they would not have to leave their communities in search of work and to support farming enterprises to  host an agricultural trainee by subsidising the cost.

All 20 trainees/school leavers were enrolled in Certificate III in Agriculture focusing on cropping and grazing. The trainees have benefited from a  combination of on the job training with a host employer and study provided by Longerengong College.

This program shows strong support to the farming community, promoting agricultural traineeships in an industry that has seen a decline over the last few years.

Congratulations Skillinvest!