Individual Award Categories

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates for the award:

  • Must be an apprentice/trainee employed by a Victorian Group Training Organisation
  • Must be an apprentice/trainee at the time of nomination

Applicants will be judged against the following criteria

Common award criteria:

  1. Career and study achievements
    • why you chose your course
    • how it changed or impacted on you
    • what you have gained from completing your course
    • what you have been able to bring to your workplace
    • any challenges you have had to address that have impacted on your training
  2. Team and communication skills
    • what you have been able to tell others – students, friends, etc., about your training
    • what you like about working in a team setting
    • what traits you think are important to positively influence others
  3. Other qualities and pursuits
    • if you have had to address any challenges that have impacted on your training
    • if you have been required to use initiative either in your training, your personal life or your workplace
    • the qualities or activities you feel would be useful in during your apprenticeship/traineeship
    • examples where you have taken a leadership role inside or outside of work
    • your involvement in other community or industry pursuits.

Category specific criteria:

Disability Achievement 

  • how you worked with your employer/s and GTO to seek support and encourage an inclusive workplace
  • how you may have managed other people’s attitudes and expectations of your skills and abilities
  • what advice you would give to others about apprenticeships for people with disability.

Indigenous Community Engagement

  • how you are connected with your community or extended family
  • how the training has impacted on your community
  • what qualities or activities you have been involved in that you feel would be useful in your role as the Indigenous Student of the Year
  • what you have been able to bring to your community.

Overcoming Adversity

  • what challenges you faced that would have otherwise prevented you from completing your apprenticeship/traineeship
  • how you overcame the challenges
  • what advice you would give to someone facing similar circumstances.

Women in Trades

  • how you have overcome any barriers to work in a male dominated area
  • how you have promoted women undertaking a trade
  • what qualities or activities you have been involved in that you feel would be useful in your role as the Woman in Trades of the Year.

STAR OHS Initiative

  • your drive and commitment to making the workplace a safer environment
  • your OHS focus and/or achievements
  • your understanding and leadership skills regarding OH&S within the workplace.

Nomination Process

Nominations Open 6 September 2021
Nominations Close 22 October 2021
Finalists Announced 25 November 2021
Awards Presented 16 February 2022

Assessment and Award Process

Nominations will be assessed as follows:

  1. Each nomination will be assessed individually by the Award Nominations Committee and approved by the AEN Board.
  2. The nomination must address the selection criteria.
  3. Successful nominees shall be invited to attend (with partner) to the Annual Awards Dinner of the Association.
  4. The Association will meet all costs for nominee’s attendance.
  5. The winner will be presented with the award at the AEN Awards Dinner.

Note: Before you start entering information in the Nomination Form, please ensure that you have all the information to complete the Form. You cannot save the Nomination Form and return at a later date to complete your nomination. 

Nomination Form