Multi Industry School Based and Pre-Apprenticeship Support Project


AEN believe one of the main reasons that apprentice and trainee completion rates are low is that young people don’t have the opportunity to trial, experience and learn about a range of vocational options before having to “sign up” to a long commitment.

MIP pilots indicate that 50% of youth who completed the program found their career aspirations changed from what they were prior to undertaking the program.

The Multi-industry pre-apprenticeship support project has provided participants with the opportunity to have a “hands on” trial of 3-4 different industries during a course. The project also supported host employers as it enabled them to engage with a number of young participants through the project to find the best possible “fit” for their business.

The project is for:

  • students between years 10 and 12
  • existing unemployed people under 25

who might be interested in pursuing a vocational pathway in the future.

Group Training Organisations (GTO’s) from Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania have designed courses providing participants with a range of experiences which are funded through the MIP project.

Project Targets

  • 1000 School Based Pre-Apprenticeships – Transitioning from school to work
  • 1000 Pre-Apprenticeships– Supporting unemployed youth into work.


Expression Of Interest

The project is in its final stages and now closed for new applications.

Case Studies

Project Guidelines


Please contact us if you have any queries regarding the project.