2022 Inspiration Award – Disability Achievement Winner: Rebecca Hope


Rebecca chose to pursue a business traineeship as she felt ready to enter the workforce and simultaneously desired to further her studies. She was attracted to the Victorian Government’s YES program with NECA Education and Careers due to the promising range of ongoing career prospects offered in the public sector and the support provided to those with disability.

Rebecca, AKA The Star Minute Taker, lives with a high functioning form of Autism Spectrum Disorder, along with significant anxiety. From a young age, Rebecca recognised that she saw the world from a different perspective and, as a person with a disability, Rebecca has been able to provide a unique insight into the challenges that are often faced. Whilst her employment has not been without it’s challenges, Rebecca proudly draws upon strategies and her maturity to overcome these.

The support Rebecca has received is been of the highest quality. Rebecca always trys to maintain a positive attitude and believes, whilst each day at work may not always be sunshine and roses, being placed outside your comfort zone will make you grow as a person and enable you to learn valuable lessons that will stay with you for life.

Rebecca is a passionate advocate for inclusion in employment and is involved in several committees dedicated to assisting those with disability. Rebecca takes every opportunity to discuss diversity and inclusion for those with a disability to ensure it is always considered for employment programs.