2022 Trainee of the Year Winner: Nastassja Ivanov


Nastassja chose a business traineeship as she hopes to own her own business one day and thought it would be beneficial to learn the operations. The traineeship has significantly impacted Nastassja, both professionally and personally.

Nastassja believes her positive work and learning environment has helped her to achieve things far beyond what she imagined. The course has helped Nastassja improve her efficiency in day-to-day planning, on-the-job learning, vocabulary and presentation skills. The job has taught her many methods of problem-solving and critical thinking, which Nastassja has been able to apply both professionally and personally. Nastassja now believes she has the potential to achieve greatness.

Showing kindness, generosity and authenticity to others has made Nastassja a positive influence, and she believes her journey has been rewarding because of these key leadership attributes.

Nastassja was asked to perform higher duties for the Executive Assistant and joined the COVID response team. With the support of her mentor and Chief of Operations, Nastassja was able to support her team during a difficult time in Melbourne. The feedback she received was overwhelmingly positive, and Nastassja truly believes her growth in the role was life-changing.