AEN Announces 2021 Award Finalists


This year the AEN received 84 nominations across 8 separate award categories including a new category for 2021 – the Disability Achievement Award. The judges would like to announce 39 finalists representing 11 GTOs with the award winners to be announced on 16 February 2022 at the Victorian Arts Centre

Apprentice of the Year

Alex Szutta, AGA Apprenticeships Plus

Amy Butterworth, gforce employment + recruitment

Bryce Noble, Ai Group

Jordan Stone, gforce employment + recruitment

Mitchell Whykes, WPC Group

Sam Parker, Westvic Staffing Solutions

Trainee of the Year

Daniel Baraket, WPC Group

Isobel Doukas, Westvic Staffing Solutions

Jenny Diep, WPC Group

Oliver Monroe, Westvic Staffing Solutions

Rodney Surtherland, gforce employment + recruitment

Tess Lourey, Westvic Staffing Solutions

Women in Trades

Amy Butterworth, gforce employment + recruitment

Demita Boyd, BGT Jobs & Training

Natasha Atkins, WPC Group

Olivia Martin, gforce employment + recruitment

Sarah McDonald, Victorian Group Training

Zara Andonovski, WPC Group

Overcoming Adversity

Aung Kway Son, CVGT

Davey Sawtell, BGT Jobs & Training

Madison Spong, gforce employment + recruitment

Majd Aleas, Victorian Group Training

Disability Achievement

Amber Ritchie, Victorian Group Training

Caleb Smith, BGT Jobs & Training

Jay Webb, BGT Jobs & Training

Kaitlyn Kesson, gforce employment + recruitment

Massimo Zurzolo, WPC Group

Nathan Forssman, Westvic Staffing Solutions

Indigenous Student of the Year

Erin Charles, gforce employment + recruitment

Jordon Walker, gforce employment + recruitment

Liam Carter, AFL SportsReady

Matthew Priest, Skillinvest

Rodney Surtherland, gforce employment + recruitment

School Based Apprentice or Trainee of the Year

Jay Webb, BGT Jobs & Training

Jayla Steans-Robbins, gforce employment + recruitment

Nathaniel Walker, BGT Jobs & Training

Oliver Northam, Victorian Group Training


Demita Boyd, BGT Jobs & Training

Nicholas Papakoloudas, Ai Group

Congratulations to all the award finalists, we look forward to recognising your achievements in person at the GAN & AEN Awards Presentation Dinner on 16 February 2022.