Outstanding OHS Initiative Winner: NECA Education & Careers


NECA Education and Careers are the largest single employer of electrical apprentices in the space providing Occupational Health and Safety Induction programs to raise the safety awareness of a typically young cohort in the workplace.

An apprentice induction can be confusing with each young worker having to understand the expectations of the employer whilst also understanding how this new information fits into their world.

The Electrical Apprentice Induction Program is comprehensive two-day session which prepares apprentices for the lifelong journey ahead. NECA Education and Careers periodically surveys the industry requesting feedback with reference to operational best practices – this knowledge loop provides the apprentice with the tools for a lifelong healthy and safe experience.

Topics covered in the two-day electrical induction include a meet and greet of all operational team members, discussing the responsibilities of the employer, drug and alcohol testing and WHS legislation, along with many more relevant topics.

NECA Education and Careers field induction and operational staff are dedicated to professional development, having attended many external professional development sessions relevant to the industry.

NECA Education and Careers WHS Department have a complementary program that identifies low compliance (safety) with smaller contractors, offering assistance with the implementation of safe systems of work programs at no cost to the contractor. Special attention is awarded to the electrical apprentice transitioning from a domestic employer to NECA Education and Careers as an employee. With the domestic workforce consisting of a large number of individual contractors the consistency of a safe systems of work, the management and oversite of apprentices’ is sadly hit and miss. Care needs to be taken with senior (3rd & 4th year) electrical apprentices who have been indoctrinated with a culture of getting the job done with safety a substandard consideration. The NECA Education and Careers electrical induction program has tailored an approach which complements the skills gathered by this apprentice and helps to shape safer outcomes. It is NECA Education and Careers experience that when an apprentice joins the team (previously domestic) it’s likely that compliance is thin on the ground, with very little regards to safe systems of work, therefore it is incumbent on us as the trainers of young people to assist with shaping a new cultural mindset.