Workplace Bullying Prevention Program

Workplace bullying is a serious issue that continues to adversely impact many workers and organizations throughout Australia. Recent research commissioned by Safe Work Australia revealed 6.8% of Australians had directly experienced bullying.

AEN is hosting a workshop that will cover some of the important issues related to bullying:

Topics include:

  • Workplace bullying – culture & values of the workplace
  • What is workplace bullying? Common forms of bullying in the workplace
  • Conflict management and performance management
  • Online issues/cyber bulling
  • Duty of care – employer and employee responsibility
  • Workplace bullying policy example, including social media
  • Signs of bullying behaviour in the workplace
  • The Law & consequences – Worksafe & Fair Work Commission
  • General protections, adverse action, vilification & whistle-blowers
  • Unfair & constructive dismissal
  • What can employers do to stop/limit bullying behaviour?

For further information and to register please download the flyer below.