Apprenticeship Employment Network and Global Apprenticeship Network Congratulate the Coalition on its Win in the Federal Election


Looks forward to working with Government to widen Australia’s apprenticeship system to match international best practice

20 May 2019 – MelbourneApprenticeship Employment Network (AEN) has congratulated Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Liberal and National Coalition on its successful re-election to Federal Government. AEN looks forward to continuing to work with Government to create a better VET model and to find a way to connect apprenticeships with education in helping to solve unemployment and skill shortages issues.

Earlier this year, Government announced in its budget announcement a $525 million skills package. This is to ensure that Australians are able to develop the skills they need by creating ten new training hubs connecting schools, local industries and young people in regional areas with high youth unemployment. Gary Workman, CEO of AEN, emphasized the need for business and training organisations to be engaged in order for the program to be successful.

Having recently returned from Switzerland, Gary Workman, CEO of AEN and GAN Australia, said, “We know that Switzerland’s VET program is held in high esteem globally, with a 2.8% unemployment rate for both youth and adults.  We would like to see the same program implemented here in Australia.  Key to its success is the fact that apprenticeships run across the board and doesn’t apply to just white or blue collar jobs.  With 70% of all school age kids in apprenticeships, the Swiss have embraced the program across their entire workforce, making graduates and businesses the winners.

“Unlike Australia, skill shortages are non-existent in Switzerland.  With the majority of all CEOs being former apprentices themselves, the landscape is conducive to encouraging the VET program.  Companies welcome apprenticeships and there are no preconceived ideas about apprenticeships in the general public.  We look forward to working with Government and business to change this preconception in Australia.”

AEN and GAN Australia look forward to helping Government implement the Joyce Review and ensure the skills package is used to the best possible advantage of Australians looking to gain new skills to get a job, and businesses across the economy needing highly skilled workers.

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