What are the costs?

The costs associated with employing an apprentice or trainee through a Group Training Organisation are no different to those of taking on a employee directly. The cost paid to a GTO includes:

  • Wages (to FWA industry awards)
  • Superannuation
  • Annual leave and other entitlements as per the industry award
  • Workers compensation

The benefit in employing an apprentice or trainee through Group Training is that all these costs are rolled into one hourly rate and invoiced to your business and is claimable as a Goods and Service on a business’ BAS.

A GTO will also provide valuable ongoing support to both the apprentice/trainee and to the employer. Support includes:

  • OH&S inductions / assistance / PPE.
  • Ongoing pastoral care and mentoring support to the apprentice/ trainee
  • Arrange the off the job / and/or on site training to the apprentice/ trainee
  • Flexibility of work arrangements
  • Assist with other training / staffing requirements for your workplace

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