School-based Apprentice/Trainee of the Year Award

This award category recognises Victorian students who are undertaking a Certificate II or higher qualification as a School-based Apprenticeship or Traineeship and their commitment to their studies at school and in the workplace.

Past Recipients

2023 – Ngatatji Bysouth – CVGT Employment

Ngatatji pursued a course that opened doors to his future, strengthening his commitment to learning. Throughout his apprenticeship, Ngatatji has been provided valuable mentorship from community leaders, which has in turn boosted his confidence and supported his personal growth. Read more.

2022 – Sebastian Streat – BGT Jobs + Training

Sebastian chose his apprenticeship because he loves working outside with his hands. Having made some life-long friends, he has enjoyed the course so much more that he originally thought. Despite being diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), severe expressive and receptive language delays and an intellectual disability Sebastian has excelled in his traineeship and is (rightly so), very proud of himself for completing his course. Read more

2022 –Tode Postolov Victorian Group Training

Tode first became interested in a career in Business when attending a basic Business class at Secondary School. As it wasn’t too in depth, he spoke with his careers advisor who suggested completing a School-Based Traineeship. He is now completing his traineeship with Barry Plant Real Estate. Read more

2021 – Nathaniel Walker – BGT Jobs + Training

After coming out of Year 11, Nathaniel was interested in the trades, especially anything to do with the outdoors.  Landscaping was the solution that proved to be the best decision he has made so far on his schooling journey. The landscaping course has helped him build his confidence, which has been a struggle in the past. Read more

2020 – Tyler Michalik – Victorian Group Training

Tyler realised that he wanted a career as an electrician whilst undergoing work experience with Geelong Galvanizing. He is determined to complete his VCAL studies, as this enables him to work more and progress into becoming a full-time electrician, once his learning is complete. Tyler has enjoyed his course at The Gordon, finding the problem-solving aspects particularly intriguing. Read more.

2019 – Heidi Rasmussen – Gforce Employment Solutions

(To be updated) From an early age, Heidi developed a deep love and appreciation for animals. As she grew older, this soon developed into a strong desire to not only provide sick or injured animals with the best care possible, but also equip owners with the knowledge necessary to better understand the needs of their own pets. Eager to finally step foot in a vet clinic to understand what a potential daily routine may be like in the future saw Heidi complete a week of work placement in 2017 at Direct Vet Services. Read more.