COVID-19 Industry Impact Survey

This weekly data collection is designed to provide the AEN up to date information on the impacts the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the Group Training sector.

Your report will enable the AEN to inform Governments to ensure everything possible is being investigated to ensure existing apprentices and trainees are retained through to completion.

Any information submitted will be treated with the strictest of confidence and will only be handled by the AEN and provided in aggregate to the State and Federal Governments for the purpose of supporting the sector.

If you would like to report, please submit the form below.

Please enter a point-in-time snapshot as at the end of the reporting period. Therefore, if the status for one or more apprentices changes from one category the other from one period to the next, eg. Isolated – Not Working to Suspended, then they should only be counted once, in this example the Suspended category.  With this we will be able to track changes from week to week.