Inspiration Award: Disability Achievement Award Recipients

This award category is presented to an apprentice/trainee with disability who has shown outstanding performance and attitude.

2022 – Rebecca Hope – NECA Education & Careers

Rebecca chose to pursue a business traineeship as she felt ready to enter the workforce and simultaneously desired to further her studies. She was attracted to the Victorian Government’s YES program with NECA Education and Careers due to the promising range of ongoing career prospects offered in the public sector and the support provided to those with disability. Read more.


2021 – Massimo Zurzolo – WPC Group

Massimo has a passion for cars, enjoys problem-solving and working with his hands.  He chose a school-based automotive apprenticeship and hasn’t looked back.  Massimo is deaf and wears Cochlear implants which allows him to hear and communicate.  A workshop environment can be difficult because of background noises, but his trainers understand this and help him to overcome these challenges.  He is currently learning Auslan which allows him to communicate with deaf customers at work. Read more.