Women in Trades – Multi Industry Pre-Apprenticeship Support Project

The Women in Trades – Multi Industry Pre-Apprenticeship Support Project is supported by the Victorian Department of Education and Training – Apprenticeships Victoria and aims to provide female participants with the opportunity to have a “hands-on” trial of a range of vocational trade occupations over 6-12 weeks, for example, plumbing, carpentry, bricklaying, wall and floor tiling, concreting, flooring, IT, landscaping, electrical, IT, air conditioning, electronics, automotive mechanic and painting.

Each participant will engage with 3-4 different industries to research and experience first-hand what it really takes to be successful in that industry.  It is anticipated that better informed career choices will lead to improved commencement and retention rates for women in trade apprenticeships.

This program will also support host employers to engage with a number of female participants through the program to find the best possible fit for their business when looking to recruit an apprentice or trainee.

The program will work with 120+ women who are interested in pursuing a trade/construction vocational pathway in the future.

Project Objectives

A 15-month project (October 2021 – December 2022) supporting:

  • 120+ women into a construction pre-apprenticeships in Victoria.
  • 8+ separate pre-apprenticeship programs across Victoria
  • 80+ women to commence an apprenticeship.
  • Survey participants and host employers to identify views and possible improvements for women entering trade apprenticeships.

Further Information

For further information please contact Andrew Robson – AEN Project Officer at andrew@aen.org.au