Annual Report

The Group Training Association of Victoria Inc. trading as “Apprenticeship Employment Network” Annual Report covers the financial year from the 1 July to 30 June.

Annual Report 2019
Chair’s Statement

It gives me great pleasure to present this Chair’s Report to members and acknowledge the contribution each of you have made to the continued success of the association over the last 12 months. I am certainly very proud to work with our Board members, all of whom have made significant contributions during the year and continue to serve with dedication in the best interests of the Victorian membership and the Group Training industry more broadly.

It is hard to recall a time when the association has enjoyed such sustained levels of financial stability and influence and acknowledge how fortunate we are to have a highly skilled and dedicated Executive Director with a genuine passion for Group Training in our service.

Whilst it is pleasing to see many years of hard work reflected in the associations current position of strength, we must also be mindful of a challenging period ahead. With the Federal Department of Vocational Education, Training and Apprenticeships now sitting within the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, clear messaging to this new “Super Department” will be a critical element in maintaining and increasing the relevance of Group Training in the job creation space.

The Joyce review was released to Government over six months ago and promises broad sweeping reform across the entire apprenticeship system in Australia. In addition to VET reform, the Federal Government has openly expressed an appetite to redesign the employment services system using pilot programs to test effectiveness. Whilst change and the ability to adapt is not a new concept to the association or its members, the scale and pace of change in our sector continues to increase.

I believe as an industry we must continue to take a proactive rather than reactive approach and lobby both State and Federal Government from points of difference. The formation of GAN Australia is a significant point of difference to be leveraged by the association and its members moving forward. With the most significant industry changes and reforms being driven at Federal level, I believe that AEN/GAN Australia can and should make an important and ongoing contribution to both VET and job creation in Australia. In doing so, we accept a degree of ownership and responsibility for both its success and failures, strive to continuously improve, and grow and celebrate the group training model along the way.

In closing, I would like to thank Gary Workman and his team for their dedication and outstanding achievements in the past year. Your hard work has created the solid base from which we can continue to develop in the future.

Dean Luciani
AEN Chair

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