Annual Report

The Group Training Association of Victoria Inc. trading as “Apprenticeship Employment Network” Annual Report covers the financial year from the 1 July to 30 June.

Annual Report 2022
Chair’s Statement

Welcome to the 2020-21 Annual Report of the Apprenticeship Employment Network (Group Training Association of Victoria).

Whilst I am acknowledging that the past 18 months has presented significant challenges for our industry and broader community, I have also witneWelcome to the 2021-2022 Annual Report of the Apprenticeship Employment Network (Group Training Association of Victoria).

It gives me great pleasure to present this Chair’s Report to members and to formally acknowledge the contribution each of you have made to the Association over the last twelve months. For a Chairperson of any Board, writing an end of year report triggers a reflection of the year that was, its challenges, highlights, and perhaps most importantly, opportunity for the future.

Whilst in general terms, the broader Australian and Victorian economy is strong, many members are finding it difficult to capitalise on the associated opportunity due to staffing pressures and record low participation rates. Staff illness and shortages are commonplace and continue to negatively affect productivity for many members and their Host Employers. These issues are unlikely to improve in the short to medium term, and although it is a different type of challenge, we again find ourselves doing more with less, to support the VET system in Victoria.

“Few Industries can unite and respond when it matters most”

Despite the challenges we continue to face, the Group Training Network in Victoria has continued to deliver on its important work. Few industries can unite and respond when it matters most, and despite the operating environment, the Group Training Network in Victoria has again supported thousands of Apprentices, Trainees, and Employers over the last twelve months. At last count, eight active projects are being delivered by the Association and its members on behalf of the Federal and Victorian Government. This critical recognition of the Network’s capability and capacity to support both industry, and those entering the workforce, has been many years in the making, but galvanised under the leadership of its current Executive Director.

Gary Workman commenced in his current role in 2009, making him our longest serving Executive Director. During that time, Gary has led the Victorian Group Training sector through significant periods of uncertainty and political change. He has played a pivotal role in the growth of the network, enhancing its credibility, financial performance, and the capacity to deliver on major Government initiatives. Through Gary’s leadership, the performance and credibility of Group Training in Victoria has never been stronger. I am pleased to report that Gary has been awarded the AEN Fellowship Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to VET, and the advancement of Group Training in Victoria. On behalf of all members, I congratulate Gary on his award, hard work and dedication to the industry.

As we move forward, I believe we must be ready for more challenges, and the associated opportunity. The new Federal Government has expressed an open appetite for innovative VET solutions, and to implement new policy quickly. Both are strengths within our network, and the Association will continue to engage at all levels of Government, to position its members for the future.

In closing, I would like to thank the AEN Board and staff for your contribution over the last twelve months. Your hard work and dedication to the Association may not always be visible, but does not go unnoticed, and is greatly appreciated.

Dean Luciani
AEN Chair

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