Annual Report

The Group Training Association of Victoria Inc. trading as “Apprenticeship Employment Network” Annual Report covers the financial year from the 1 July to 30 June.

Annual Report 2021
Chair’s Statement

Welcome to the 2020-21 Annual Report of the Apprenticeship Employment Network (Group Training Association of Victoria).

Whilst I am acknowledging that the past 18 months has presented significant challenges for our industry and broader community, I have also witnessed the resilience of the Group Training Network in Victoria. The ability of our members to unite and operate as a collective has seen the AEN maintain and grow its relevance in political circles and increase its capability to influence positive outcomes for thousands of young Victorians in realising their first job and a formal qualification via the Group Training model.

“Never has there been a more important time for the intensive mentoring and support that is Group Training.”

 Over the last 18 months, the workplace has been a very different environment. For many apprentices and trainees commencing in their first ever job, it’s a place only visited via Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet.

As I reflect on my own apprenticeship, albeit a long time ago, I recall a workplace full of skilled trades people. I recall forming relationships, having access to experience, knowledge, and a broader learning environment. 

For many apprentices and trainees, consistent quality access to the workplace, colleagues and a real learning environment has robbed them of the support required to produce their best.  Never has there been a more important time for the intensive mentoring and support that is Group Training.  Every AEN member should be proud of the role they have played in supporting apprentices, trainees and host employers across Victoria.  Despite the pandemic, I believe the Victorian network has again played a significant role in creating and sustaining thousands of jobs and qualifications over the last 12 months that would not otherwise exist.

I would also like to acknowledge the outstanding leadership and hard work of our Executive Director, Gary Workman, in what has been a trying environment.  I’m sure that Gary must feel like he is in a constant state of crisis management at times, but always seems to find the energy to proactively support individual members and create opportunity for the network.  Along with dedicated AEN staff, the Association has again played a critical role in further strengthening the Group Training industry in Victoria.  I would like to acknowledge and thank my fellow AEN Directors, all of whom have made significant contributions to the Association during the year. 

As the scale and pace of change in Australia continues to increase, it is important for members to maintain unity and collaboration.  Despite the obvious challenges of COVID, it is this collective capability and capacity that has allowed your Association to further increase and highlight the relevance of the Group Training model.   

Dean Luciani
AEN Chair

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