LGPro Project Information


The Priority Workforce Project (known as the Local Pathways Project) seeks to create 100 jobs for jobseekers from Priority Cohorts in the local government sector across Victoria, whilst providing wraparound training and support over a 12-month period.

The Project will see the recruitment, training and placement of at least 100 Project Employees from the Priority Cohort with Project Employers at Project Sites, for at least 19 hours per week for a minimum of 12 months, in the local government sector across Victoria.

The Project will target vacancies for entry level roles in local government councils across Victoria. It is anticipated that Project Employees will be split across the two streams as follows:

  • The administration stream
  • The outdoor work stream

The Project will provide wraparound support for candidates including targeted prevocational training, mentoring and learning opportunities for Project Employees to build a career in the local government sector.


Eligible new recruits must be at least 18 years of age at time of employment and must meet at least one other requirement listed below:

  • Youth between 18 to 25 years
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Victorians
  • Women at least 45 years
  • Refugees and people seeking asylum
  • Victorians living with a disability
  • Newly arrived migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds
  • Veterans
  • People who have recently exited the justice system
  • Public and social housing tenants
  • People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds facing additional barriers to employment
  • People who are at risk of being long-term unemployed (unemployed for 6 months)
  • Single parents

Milestone evidence^ and claimable amounts* for eligible expenses

GTO process to participate in the Local Pathways project once a new recruit is confirmed eligible to participate in the program and placed in a council role.

1/ Completed pre-employment induction training

Milestone 1 evidence: Completed induction record form

Claimable amount(s):

  • $1,000 for induction training delivery
  • up to $533.90 per participant (maximum amount that can be claimed, including attendance to Introduction to Local Government). Participant’s wage during induction to be adjust following awards payrate.

2/ Add new recruit to the AEN portal & upload consent form (Sidekicker number required)

Milestone 1 evidence: Completed and signed Consent Form (accessible via QR code) and training plan

Note: LGPro will be notified for new profiles and will be in touch regarding Introduction to Local Government workshop training.

3/ Additional Milestone 1 claims (PPE, TAFE, out of pocket interview expenses)

Milestone 1 evidence: Invoices and payment receipts detailing expenses clearly linked to either a PPE, TAFE or out of pocket interview expense.
Claimable amount(s):

  • PPE for up to $600
  • TAFE enrolment administration fees for up to $400
  • TAFE course fees for up to $4,000
  • Out of pocket interview expense for up to $250

4/ Mentoring Claims

Milestone 2 evidence: Up to date mentoring record uploaded as evidence, with current pay slip(s) showing 13 weeks minimum or a payroll summary.

Claimable amount(s):
• Mentoring support per worker: $4,570

5/ Pre-employment checks

Evidence: tax invoice with detailed expense items uploaded to the AEN Portal as evidence.

Claimable amount(s): Claim the following pre-employment checks for each new recruit as required for their role:

  • Police Checks: $51 each ($175 international)
  • Working with Children Check: $123
  • Medicals: this can range between $120-400 pending job-specific requirements
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing (up to 2): this may range between $50-$120
  • Prerequisite vaccinations (flu shots, Hep B, TB): up to $250 as required for role


  • all invoices and evidence are to be uploaded by December 1, 2023 at the latest.
    o Milestone 1 items are to be claimed within the first 3 months of a new recruit’s employment.
    o Milestone 2 mentoring to be claimed at the 3 month’s mark of the new recruit’s employment.
    NOTE: New recruits from September may need Milestone 2 claims to be claimed prior the timeframe outlined in the Milestone schedule, as to ensure submission and payment prior the project end
  • LGPro will register new recruits into upcoming Introduction to Local Government workshops, once uploaded to the AEN portal. LGPro will advise GTO of proposed workshop date, time and length for wage subsidy claim.

^Evidence: all evidence must be uploaded to the AEN portal. For all evidence, the GTO is responsible for ensuring sufficient and further evidence as requested if audited. (ie: wage subsidy, mentoring, payments…)

*Claimable Amount(s): all invoices are to be emailed to LGPro once evidence is uploaded to the AEN portal at each milestone. (invoicing requirements below)

Invoice requirements                                              

  1. All invoices to reference:

    Jobs Victoria Grant Project
    c/- Local Government Professionals
  2. All invoices must state Tax Invoice and ABN
  3. All invoices to include EFT details for payment
  4. For auditing purposes, all invoices should clearly state (as per table overleaf):

    Service category
    Service description
    Amount charged (exc GST and inc GST)
    Confirmation that evidence is available in AEN portal

Email invoices to emmaj@lgpro.com and cc: info@lgpro.com

Optional: GTOs can batch invoices at each milestone completion stage rather than sending each one individually as this may delay payment date