Horticulture Seasonal Workforce Group Traineeships

The new Seasonal Workforce Group Traineeships in Horticulture pilot program links students with training and on-the-job experience to build their skills and open new career pathways.

The pilot program will be rolled out across key horticulture regions including the Sunraysia, the Goulburn Valley and Gippsland and encourages businesses to develop training as a key element to building a sustainable, reliable workforce.

The new traineeships will be run by Apprenticeship Employment Network in collaboration with group training organisations, TAFEs, horticulture businesses, local industry groups and Agriculture Victoria.

The program will focus on bolstering seasonal workforces across the state, while allowing students to complete formal qualifications to secure long-term skilled roles in horticulture.

The collaborative program will build pathways to high-level skills and knowledge in areas such as operating machinery and farm infrastructure as well as supply chains, relationship management and digital platforms, all critical skills needed for the future of Victoria’s world-class horticulture industry

For further information please contact:

Sunraysia Region

Goulburn Valley Region

The Apprenticeships Factory
Paula Ryan
P: 03 5822 4555
E: pryan@theapprenticeshipfactory.com.au

Gippsland Region

Anita Peters
P: 1300 135 008
E: anita.peters@skillinvest.com.au