Media Release: Gippsland employers urged to give apprentices a chance and close the employment GAP


Employers in Gippsland are being urged to join the Gippsland Apprentice Program and give a young person a chance at an apprenticeship that will give them a pathway into the workforce.

The GAP sees Group Training Association of Victoria partnering with the Victorian Government to get apprentices in the Gippsland region who have suspended or cancelled their apprenticeships back into work. Gary Workman, executive director of GTAV, said that 18 apprentices had been recruited by the program but there were still 19 potential apprentices looking for employers in areas including: carpentry, plumbing and gasfitting, electrical, metal and engineering fabrication, and boilermaking.

Employers who agree to take on an apprentice who has been out of trade since June 30, 2012, receive $4000 in funding as part of the GAP. Employers from Baw Baw Plumbing, Dasma Industries and Laser Electrical will be presented with awards in Traralgon today, to recognise their role in making GAP work.

“We need more employers to get involved and give a chance to young people in Gippsland. The GAP program gives them the support they need to make sure providing an apprenticeship works for everyone,” Mr Workman said.

Mr Workman said that the latest Victorian Government figures showed the number of apprentices in Victoria had dropped by 5 per cent over the year to September – with the number of apprentices aged 15-19 dropped by a massive 13 per cent over the same period.

“A drop in apprenticeships means less young Victorians are able to get on a pathway to skilled, well-paid work. It is particularly important in areas with high youth unemployment, such as Gippsland, that we ensure as many young people as possible get training that puts them on the path to a secure career.”

“Apprenticeships provide real skills and training for young workers, as well as valuable experience in the world of work.”

“Australia is facing shortages of skilled workers in many areas and apprenticeships are a way of ensuring we have skilled workers for the future, and that we do not leave a generation of young people permanently locked out of the workforce.” More information on the Gippsland Apprenticeships Program is available at

The program is available for employers in the Gippsland, Baw Baw and LaTrobe shires.

*The Group Training Association of Victoria is the peak body representing not for profit group training organisations that employ over 8500 apprentices and trainees across all industry sectors annually within Victoria. Victorian GTO’s manage these training requirements through both TAFE and private training providers.

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Gary Workman
M: 0425 736 036