Big Build Apprenticeships

Thinking about your first job or starting a new career?

Whether you’re a school leaver or looking for a change in direction, a Big Build Apprenticeship (BBA) is your pathway to a highly rewarding and secure career.

This is your chance to potentially work on one or more of the State’s major construction projects and make a big difference in helping to create our new roads, tunnels, bridges and hospitals.

Choose from over 24 different BBA programs and traineeships – from civil construction, carpentry, plumbing and electrical to business administration, project management and IT.

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Why is a Big Build Apprenticeship the right choice for me?

A Big Build Apprenticeship is all about giving you greater choice, more flexibility, a wider range of experiences and all the support you need to launch your new career. Unlike being an apprentice or trainee for a single company, a BBA offers:

  • Guaranteed paid employment for the duration of your apprenticeship or traineeship
  • 36 to 48-month apprenticeships or 12 to 24-month traineeships
  • Enrolment in the appropriate TAFE or training course for your formal national qualifications
  • Matching you to an employer
  • Support with your on- and off-the-job training
  • Ongoing mentoring and support
  • A chance to work on major Victorian State infrastructure projects
  • Opportunities for everyone – regardless of your age or background.

How does the process work?

  1. Register your interest in becoming a Big Build apprentice or trainee and provide your details. A team member from our partner, the Apprenticeship Employment Network (AEN) will contact you within 7 business days. Your AEN rep will find out what you’re interested in, let you know what your options are and link you to a Group Training Organisation (GTO) that acts as your employer.
  2. The GTO will match you with potential host employers and put you forward for specific roles. You’ll be interviewed once and then a second time if you’re shortlisted. If you’re successful, you’ll begin initial training and an induction program. Your GTO will also enrol you in a training organisation/tertiary institution course.
  3. You’ll commence your apprenticeship or traineeship with your new employer. Based on your performance and your host employer’s needs, you might stay with the same host employer for the duration of your apprenticeship or traineeship. Alternatively, you may rotate through different employers and roles to complete your apprenticeship, giving you a wider range of skills and experience.
  4. You’ll be in paid, full-time employment for the duration of your apprenticeship, no matter which host employer you work with.
  5. Complete your apprenticeship or traineeship and become fully qualified in your chosen field.