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The WaTT (Women and Their Trade) program is a groundbreaking initiative addressing gender disparity in electrical apprenticeships. It offers tailored support to women aiming to enter this male-dominated field. The program identifies and overcomes barriers through engagement, attraction, mentorship and host placement stages. It conducts Try Your Trade sessions to introduce women to electrical work,… Read more

The NECA Education and Careers Group Training’s New Host Capability Program focuses on assessing prospective host companies, with a specific emphasis on Workplace Health and Safety (OH&S) standards. The program includes pre-onboarding assessments, recognizing strengths, ensuring compliance, and continuous improvement. It significantly contributes to reducing incidents, promoting compliance, and enhancing productivity in the electrical construction… Read more

Ngatatji pursued a course that opened doors to his future, strengthening hiscommitment to learning. Throughout his apprenticeship, Ngatatji has beenprovided valuable mentorship from community leaders, which has in turn boostedhis confidence and supported his personal growth. Ngatatji has developed a strong work ethic and communication skills, offering guidance to fellow students. Battling anxiety and depression,… Read more

Katrina embarked on a career change halfway through a Bachelors Degree atUniversity of Melbourne. Though she excelled academically, Katrina recognised theneed for a more hands-on profession. Opting for the construction industry, shepursued a career in Electrotechnology and found her niche within the electrical field. Enrolling in the qualification has boosted Katrina’s confidence with support frommentors… Read more

Wendy’s caregiving journey began because of her deep passion for assisting theelderly. Her Individual Support course provided valuable knowledge about aging,dementia and the unique requirements of the elderly while fostering a sense ofcommunity. Completing the course has transformed her, boosting her confidenceboth personally and professionally. Completing this qualification has opened doors to a fulfilling career… Read more

Chelsea previously completed a Business traineeship at a local secondary school butfelt coursework didn’t align with the job’s real demands. The contrast in dutiesprovided insight into her true passion for community consultation and programdevelopment, leading her to decide on a career dedicated to working with FirstNations Communities. In this role, Chelsea to engaged with community… Read more

Patrice discovered NECA Education and Careers while searching for disabilitysupport courses to assist in securing employment. After completing a Certificate inWork Education at Holmesglen, Patrice obtained a position in the Department ofTreasury and Finance’s Market Housing team. Whilst completing the final unit of her Certificate III in Business, Patrice wasdelighted to learn that she had… Read more

Chloe’s career in Environmental Health and Safety within the construction industry,driven by her passion for keeping people safe.Through her qualification, Chloe has gained theoretical and practical knowledge. Shehas excelled in building relationships within the construction industry, demonstratingexcellent communication and teamwork skills. Chloe’s dedication to health and safety is evident through her qualifications,commitment, and influence on… Read more

Luke lives for the outdoors, and loves football, golfing, and racing. By undertaking an apprenticeship insports turf management, he is able to spend every day doing something he loves. Not everyone gets to say that! Luke initially didn’t know what career path he wanted, commencing a business management degree thathe found uninspiring and the wrong… Read more

Encouraged by family and friends, Pippa enrolled in a TAFE cookery course at TheGordon and quickly discovered her love for cooking. Pippa has excelled in culinary competitions and programs, teaching her valuablelessons in time management, problem-solving and resilience. An illness briefly interrupted Pippa’s culinary journey in 2020 leading to her withdraw.However, upon her return she… Read more