Group Training Organisations Welcome Labor Promise to Boost Apprenticeships if Elected


The Apprenticeship Employment Network (AEN) Victoria has welcomed the announcement made by Anthony Albanese at the Federal Labor campaign launch that, if elected, Labor will require that one in ten workers on major government projects is an apprentice, trainee or cadet.

Gary Workman, Executive Director of the AEN said that supporting apprenticeships was key to building Australia’s productive capacity, address skills shortages, and ensure that young Australians are equipped with the skills they need to access secure, rewarding jobs.

“The AEN has supported the Victorian Government initiative requiring 10 per cent of workers on major government projects to be apprentices, trainees or cadets. We welcome the announcement that, if elected, Labor would implement a similar scheme for federal projects.

“Using apprentices long term would leave a skills legacy so projects wouldn’t be reliant on labour hire.

“When implemented properly, this scheme has the potential to rebuild the apprenticeship system in Australia.

“We can learn from the Victorian scheme that to be effective, it must be monitored and subject to audit. Group training organisations are key to ensuring that both the businesses and apprentices are supported to get the most out of the opportunities.

“We look forward to working with governments at all levels to make this scheme a major contributor to skilling Australians.”

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