MIP Case Study: Apprenticeships R Us


Apprenticeships are Us completed a group of 10 participants in a MIP automotive industry.  Four of these participants have secured an apprenticeship.

With several great outcomes from the group Mark of Apprenticeship R Us features the story of Terry’s achievements in their Group Project Report.

 Terry and his family moved to Australia from The Ivory Coast

He lives with his mother and four brothers, being the oldest of five boys Terry wants to set a good example for his younger brothers. After finishing year 12 Terry worked at several different jobs to help his mum support the family. Now 22 Terry decided he wanted more direction, a career something he could be proud of. With some previous exposure to Automotive Terry knew he had an interest in cars so he started inquiring about apprenticeships. This is how Terry came across our course.  He showed great interest in learning about the different jobs available in the Automotive industry. After an impressive, enthusiastic effort in the class room we sent Terry to Subaru where he was able to experience several different careers available.

Terry had a very positive attitude towards the opportunity he was given and made the most of it.

Subaru were very impressed with Terry and learned that he enjoyed his time in the workshop with the technicians and being around the cars.

Terry was offered an apprenticeship as a light vehicle mechanic at their Docklands Site and is now a very proud member of the Subaru team.

Almost half the class enjoy Industry Sharing Information sessions the most and all gained a ‘great deal’ of practical knowledge.

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