ATEL – The Female Factor


ATEL Wagga Wagga commence MIP in Carpentry, Joinery, Paint and Plaster with 10 participants, 7 in the class are long term unemployed. One of the long term unemployed is the only female in the project, 21 year old Bridget.

Her MIP journey is depicted in ATELs group project report

“One particular participant ‘Bridget’ was a very keen and enthusiastic contributor to the learning group. She expressed a particular interest in the Painting element of the course and sought to undertake work experience in this field. After completing, the first week of this work placement Bridget was offered a full time Apprenticeship with the employer. Bridget has grasped at this opportunity with both hands and has since commenced her Apprenticeship in Painting. When asked how she was enjoying the work she sis ‘I absolutely love it!’ A great success story for a non-traditional trade candidate!”

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