2021 Inspiration Award: Overcoming Adversity Winner: Madison Spong


Madison chose this traineeship because it seemed to have more variety and hopefully could lead to a better future.  Before undertaking the traineeship, she had limited options workwise and struggled to find work. Madison now feels confident about her job prospects.

The impact of COVID and not being able to attend the workplace was a challenge due to not having stable living arrangements. Madison experienced homelessness and had to pause the program whilst she worked hard to obtain a rental property.  Although being knocked back on a number of occasions, she stayed positive and eventually found somewhere to live after a number of months. 

Although at times difficult, Madison never gave up and she encourages others to fight for themselves and to persevere, making the most of every opportunity offered through her traineeship with the support of TAC and Gforce. She is now completing her Cert IV and is excited about this next chapter.