MIP Case Study: Building and Construction MIP in Tasmania


TasBGAS MIP Participants At TAFE

2018 will see TasBGAS running their very successful Multi-Industry Project (MIP) again. This project engages year 10 students from several schools across Tasmania. In 2017 19 of 20 participants completed the program over the school year – this level of completion is very exciting and testament to a well-planned and communicated project.

David Fagan of TasBGAS attributes the success of this project to:

  • Developing the program content to meet the expectations of every party involved.
  • Conveying the value of the opportunity for hosts and most importantly students.
  • Pre–launch planning and preparation to support an experience that enables students to experience what it would be like to be an apprentice.
  • Inclusion of parents at launch and in pre/post work experience feedback.
  • Support from business partners such as Get Real Workwear and TAFE.
  • Selection process of students in program.
  • Relationship with schools.

Through a MIP pilot, providers have the opportunity to be innovative in how they develop and deliver projects providing multiple experience’s to young adults to assist them in understanding apprenticeship pathways and opportunity to try a range of trades.

The TasBGAS MIP has a unique element within all the MIP projects delivered to participants attending school where the majority of the participant engagement is in work experience.

TasBGAS MIP Participants Roof Trusses

David and his team worked hard communicating with all stakeholders to ensure work experience was safe and valuable with a variety of real work experience matched to the participant’s initial and developing abilities.  His team and hosts invested in ensuring participants had a true feel for the skills of the industry.

The MIP experience has proven extremely valuable to participants in regard to their career choice.

  • 18 of the 19 participants found it lead them to be more interested in a particular career.
  • 14 participants, a staggering 78%, found their pathway of interest was different to what they thought prior to the project.
  • 100% of the participants said the project helped them in making a career decision that was right for them.
  • 100% said they would recommend the project to others.

These outcomes demonstrate the value in real work exposure across trades in an industry of interest to assist in making career decisions.

I can’t speak highly enough about this program and I hope that it will continue for many years giving our younger generation the opportunity to obtain an apprenticeship in the trades,’ wrote the parents of one of the particpants who secured an apprenticeship through the program.

We look forward to another successful year of the TasBGAS MIP.

TasBGAS MIP Participants Brick Structure