MIP Case Study: My Gateway


MyGateway ran a MIP in engineering and automotive with 12 participants, of which 8 go onto apprenticeships.

MT Gateway’s hosts provide feedback on 9 participants attending work experience. Comments in hosts feedback include (names removed)

  • has good rounded basic skills to be successful in the trade.
  • is really pleasant and was keen in the workplace extremely quiet and softly spoken needs to improve a little more with his communication skills and feeling conformable when dealing with people.
  • was very well rounded and had some great hand skills Even though he had a quiet nature he was a good communicator in the workplace and at TAFE
  • performed ok during the work experience. At times, he lacks a little motivation. Just need to show a little more enthusiasm when helping the tradesman. That may been because he was new
  • performed well during work experience a little quiet at times but opened up when he got more comfortable with the surrounding and people.
  • is a really switched on 16-year-old. He really enjoyed the engineering trade but is still a little uncertain in want direction he wants to take. Has good general skills.
  • is a very smart and intelligent young man. He wasn’t really sure if he wanted to continue in the search for an apprenticeship. As he saw a four year commitment too long .
  • performed well with simpler task. At time struggled to follow instruction and when work about throughout the plant.
  • has a good understanding of the Industry from working on the family farm. A little quiet but that will come along with more interaction in the workplace.

The hosts rated the work readiness of the participants highly.