MIP Case Study: Kestrel Apprentice Solutions – Northeast Victoria


In the latter half of 2017, Kestrel committed experienced apprentice management resources to delivering a range of MIP projects advantageous to young adults across the region. Kestrel understood that many employers are accustomed to selecting the very best talent from a large pool of potential candidates; a process that unfortunately leaves many young adults in the region locked out of securing fulltime work in their intended career.  The job readiness training, skills tasters and on the ground work experience of the MIP projects helps young people to narrow their career focus and builds the confidence required to succeed in gaining that career start.

Kestrel understood the employment opportunities in their region and developed a variety of Multi Industry programs to fit with industries needs in the regional cities and surrounds of Albury-Wodonga, Shepparton and Wangaratta. As recruiting sufficient numbers in different themes and locations was expected to be challenging, Kestrel committed to smaller groups. They commenced 7 groups across 4 themes at 4 Tafe campuses in the 3 cities with a total of 55 participants enrolled. Over half the participants were over 20 years old, all were unemployed or underemployed and one quarter of the group were long term unemployed.

At the conclusion of the final work experience phase of the project, 34 participants completed a survey, of which 23 indicated they would definitely like to pursue an apprenticeship/traineeship and 35% already have with 8 in fulltime training contracts.

This word cloud represents participant’s survey responses to ‘what they enjoyed the most in work experience’. Spray Painting was offered in 2 projects themed Auto and Engineering, with participants recognising Spray Painting was not a trade they has previously considered.

Surveys results show 65% of participants found the area of most interest to them after completing MIP was an area different to that which they had previously thought.

The graph below indicates how very valuable participants found the projects to be. Additionally 91% found it assisted them in making a career decision that is right for them and 100% would recommend their MIP program to others.

Kestrel Question 6 Results

Kestel’s MIP planning for 2018 includes a range of themes again and incorporates Health and Community. They will endeavor this year to service some of the smaller outlying Alpine communities.