Service Excellence Award – GTO

The Group Training Service Excellence Award is presented to a Group Training Organisation for a demonstrated outstanding contribution to the success in Group Training for a specific program or initiative.

Group Training Organisations, client organisations or professional bodies can make nominations.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates for the award:

  • must be a Victorian Group Training Organisation
  • must be a financial member of the Apprenticeship Employment Network

Section A: Overview

Give an overview of the service/support provided, a description of the environment in which the service/support is provided and specific challenges which may have had to be overcome during the course of providing the service/support.

Section B: Applicants will be judged against the following criteria

  1. Excellence and innovation
    • examples of how the service/support makes a significant contribution to excellence in the field
    • how the service/support addresses the needs of internal and external clients
    • what is unique or innovative about the service/support provided
  2. Client focus
    • systems and processes for collecting information on client needs and satisfaction
    • demonstrated recognition and/or acknowledgement from clients, students, and colleagues
    • any specialist support provided for students with special needs, such as Indigenous students, students with disabilities, students from a non-English speaking background, students in remote areas, gifted and talented students
  3. Professionalism and commitment to support services for VET
    • demonstrated efficiency, accuracy and timeliness in dealing with customer enquiries
    • contribution to performance enhancement efforts such as professional development of other staff, acting as mentors, guides or models for others; and enhanced service/support provision
    • contribution to achieving GTO/VET system priorities
    • how the organisation engages with other professionals to improve the standard of service/support provided to clients
  4. Understanding and reputation within the industry or community
    • ways in which the delivery of the service/support helps to form and build new relationships
    • how the organisation contributes in conferences, seminars and professional and industry associations
    • demonstrated recognition and/or acknowledgement from industry and community
    • demonstrated examples of any contributions to knowledge sharing, mentoring and coaching activities

Nomination Process

Nominations Open1 July 2024
Nominations Close20 August 2024
Finalists Announced23 September 2024
Award Presented20 November 2024

Assessment and Award Process

Nominations for the GTO Service Excellence Award will be assessed as follows:

  1. Each nomination will be assessed individually by an Independent Judging Panel.
  2. The nomination must address the selection criteria.
  3. Finalists shall be invited to attend to the Annual Awards Dinner of the Association.
  4. The winner will be presented with the award at the AEN Awards Dinner.