2015 Group Training Excellence Award Winner: BGT


BGT Smart Support Winners

Why Smart Support?

More than 50% of participants* who start a new apprenticeship or traineeship fail to complete.

This statistic has a dramatic social and economic impact through reduced productivity, increased costs to business, government welfare as well as a significant personal impact on those directly affected.

BGT has researched the key drivers behind this trend and have developed a program with the aim of addressing this issue in the Ballarat Region.

All new apprentices and trainees employed through BGT’s Hosting Service will be underpinned by SMART SUPPORT. This is a unique program focusing on: Personal development training. A tailored performance monitoring schedule, mentoring and pastoral care assistance, vocational training, mental health assistance through BGT’s employee assistance program and personal financial skills management through the ANZ Money Minded™ program.

The idea is to provide apprentices and trainees with the necessary skills and techniques to become more resilient and empowered so that they can take charge of their own destiny and complete their training to gain a certified qualification.

The benefits are numerous to business and participants. BGT are proud to be the first organisation to offer such a unique concept and we hope this model will change the face of apprenticeships and traineeships into the future.