2015 GTAV Apprentice of the Year: Harry Bennett


Harry Bennett with Steph Ryan

Harry Bennett is a 4th Year Engineering (Mechanical) Apprentice who has been hosted out to Rubicon Systems Australia in Shepparton.  He started his apprenticeship in February 2012 and is expected to complete in February 2016.  Harry has proven to be an outstanding apprentice throughout his employment with The Apprenticeship Factory.

Harry completed year 12 undertaking the following subjects: Maths Methods, English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

In his first year of his Apprenticeship,  Harry studied at Goulburn Ovens TAFE. In this year he also worked on afternoon shift for Rubicon as he was a valued team member and went on to complete a general welding course, external to his apprenticeship.

During his 2nd year,  Harry again rotated through day and afternoon shift at Rubicon. His role included manual machining with milling and lathe machines and attendance at GOTAFE. During this year he assisted with the training of the new first year apprentice.

Harry’s 3rd year saw him continue with his training and undertake a mentor role for the other apprentices and he also operated the horizontal mill. During this year Harry also won the 3rd Year Apprentice of the Year hosted by The Apprenticeship Factory.  Harry’s commitment was demonstrated as he would come into work to set up the machines (6.00am) prior to attending trade school.

Harry’s achievements during 2015 (4th year of his apprenticeship) are well deserved. He won the 4th Year Apprentice of the Year hosted by The Apprenticeship Factory and also the Overall Apprentice of the Year.  He has trained a new first year apprentice this year in using the lathe and also some programming for the lathe.  Harry continues to run his own lathe and the mill when the first year apprentice is at trade school.

Harry’s role is to assist with the production of parts for the Rubicon Flume Gates, Slip Meters, Special Projects and Reworks, all of which are used both locally and shipped around the world. 15 Australian Technical Officers Association – Best Victorian Apprentice of the Year award – goes to Harry Bennett from The Apprenticeship Factory.