2019 Trainee of the Year: Ashleigh McCafferty


Ashleigh’s passion for assisting students within a school environment was the driver of his career change. Ash joined Mount Clear College in 2019 completing his Certificate IV in Education Support whilst fulfilling his role of Sports Coordinator Assistant. He had coached cricket for many years but found that teaching students was different working with students in a school environment. He was tested in his ability to keep students engaged for a full day rather than a coaching period. Ash also found students could test his knowledge and abilities and the importance to be prepared.

The job has taught Ash patience and he has enjoyed the feeling of caring for other people and have learnt to feel success through wanting success for another person. The biggest challenge for Ash during the year has been finding balance between work and play. He is involved in many personal sporting activities – basketball, tennis and mountain biking along with providing mentoring to 6 students 3 times a week in after school sports.

Throughout the year, Ash has worked in the Year 9 Community Engagement Program, supporting both staff and students. He constantly demonstrates great initiative and leadership, not only within the school grounds but also when accompanying students to the many external venues within Ballarat and Melbourne involved in the specialised program. His proactive approach, positive attitude and organisation of students has resulted in a very successful program.

Ash’s enthusiasm, drive and motivation has allowed the students to strive to gain excellence in their chosen sport. Whilst accompanying students to events, Ash leads by example in his approach to competition, displaying moral, ethical and excellent values, whether you are on a winning or losing team.