2019 Inspiration Award – Overcoming Adversity Winner: Sian Prangnell


Sian works on the Metro Tunnel Project currently doing a Certificate IV in Business with CYP D&C currently working across 2 business units in Marketing and MetroHub (training arm). She has completed her Cert III with the project earlier in the year. She chose to commence with the project doing her Certificate III in Business because she was at a point in her life where she needed some purpose and structure as she was struggling with mental health issues at that period of time. Sian saw this as an opportunity to break the cycle that she had found herself in.

Sian has found a real sense of purpose and it makes her feel like she is contributing to making Melbourne a better place for the future. Working on the project has also given Sian aspirations of a greater future for herself that she didn’t have before she started the traineeship. It has given her the capacity to travel and experience life in a completely new way. Sian now has goals to work within the marketing industry and make a larger impact.

Sian has gained greater resiliency in life and is able to deal with complex situation in both work and home. There aren’t many people on the project that don’t know Sian and her attitude towards her tasks as something that sets an example for the other trainees on the project, therefore making everyone more productive.

Sian has had to assist in raising her siblings on top of her training and work but has never let this get in the way of being a great worker.