2019 Outstanding OHS Initiative Award Winner: AGA Apprenticeships Plus/MAS National


The OHS Essentials Program is a WorkSafe funded initiative that provides eligible Victorian employers with assistance with health and safety. Dr Paul Scofield has been on the panel of WorkSafe approved consultants since mid-2013 and delivers the program under the contract held by MAS National. Over 150 employers participating in the program have benefited from Paul’s expertise, with almost one in three assisted with compliance with WorkSafe issued Improvement Notices.

Paul has achieved a reputation as an outstanding health and safety professional over his 27 years in Group Training. He commenced as a Field Officer with Inner Northern Group Training, now trading as IntoWork Australia. Paul is the IntoWork Risk Manager and OHS Consultant for MAS National. He has had several roles that currently include providing health and safety services to five Group Training Companies within the IntoWork Group. Group Training Companies throughout Australia and other employers have also used his health and safety consultancy.

Paul’s Group Training experience and knowledge of a wide range of vocations has provided the ideal background for his health and safety consultancy. He has assisted employers in the WorkSafe Program across a wide range of industries and as diverse as kindergartens, manufacturing, building and construction, circuses, wineries, helicopter servicing and medical professionals.

Employers participating in the Worksafe OHS Essentials Program are provided with an action plan for identified issues. The plan is developed by Paul in consultation with the employer. Action items are specifically designed to be practicable, effective and compliant with legal obligations with the aim of complementing existing management systems and safety processes.

Program participants benefit from the health and safety information and advice Paul provides in addition to instruction in hazard identification, risk assessment and implementing a hierarchy control for the most effective treatment of the risk.

Paul has developed a considerable number of health and safety resources that he has been more than willing to share. Some have been provided to AEN for use by members. His OHS Essentials clients and Group Training Companies and other employers using his consultancy services are provided resources to assist them implementing his recommendations. These include information sheets, operating procedures, sample templates and checklist and management tools.

Paul’s reputation as a health and safety professional is well established within Group Training and the broader community, and recognised with his appointment by WorkSafe Victoria for the delivery of their OHS Essentials Program over the last six and a half years.