2021 School-based Apprentice or Trainee of the Year Winner: Nathaniel Walker


After coming out of Year 11, Nathaniel was interested in the trades, especially anything to do with the outdoors.  Landscaping was the solution that proved to be the best decision he has made so far on his schooling journey. The landscaping course has helped him build his confidence, which has been a struggle in the past.

When he was 11 years old, Nathaniel was disagnosed with Ashberger’s Syndrome, which has had a big impact throughout his schooling life.  Last year, he developed strategies to keep concentrating and stay in the moment and completed the academic requirements of the course without any special assistance.

Nathanial takes pride in his work and shows initiative.  He has taken on a ‘buddy’ role at school  which involves looking after two prep students, showing them leadership and generosity, and making them feel accepted into the school community.