2021 STAR Awards Winner: Demita Boyd


Past experience in house painting was something Demita found enjoyable so when she saw a job ad for a spray-painting apprenticeship, it seemed like the right fit. Becoming an apprentice at 29 years of age is one of the best things that Demita has ever done!  

In the workplace, Demita became aware of the many hazards and risks that apprentices and employees take in their day-to-day roles. She recently completed a Certificate IV in OHS, is a nominated Health & Safety representative at work, and recently completed a First Aid Course holding the position of First Aider at her workplace.  Demita talks about safety with co-workers and supervisors every day and leads by example. 

With the knowledge and skills Demita has gained in OHS, she is determined to make a change in the safety aspect of her work and the safety culture of others by identifying hazards and control risks in the workplace to keep everyone safe, promote safety at work and align with the safety goals of the company and the business leadership team.