2022 ATOA Apprentice of the Year Winner: Lachlan Mackay


Lachlan knew from early on he did not want to settle down in an office job. After completing a Bachelor of Construction Management and working as a Quantity Surveyor, he knew these jobs weren’t giving him the satisfaction he’d hoped from a full-time job.

After beginning his apprenticeship, he knew he had found a job and industry he loved. The idea of going to work no longer burdened him. Starting his apprenticeship, even at a mature age, has changed Lachlan’s life for the better. Even on days when the work is not too exciting, there is not a day Lachlan regrets his decision, often completing projects outside of work to build his skills.

Despite facing challenges of not being able to see his family due to COVID, Lachlan pushed through and tried to stay focused.

Lachlan enjoys working in a team setting because it allows him to absorb information and learn from those who have been on the job longer. He believes you must be keen to work and work hard.

Lachlan acknowledges that, at times, being an apprentice can make him feel inferior to others, but respecting those on the work site with you, bridges a gap and helps create mutual respect. Lachlan has not had the opportunity to take on many leadership roles due to being the only apprentice on site; however, he would love to take on this challenge in years to come to share his knowledge.