2022 Inspiration Award – Overcoming Adversity Winner: Hedayatullah Habibi


Habibi came to Australia early in 2021 after leaving his homeland of Afghanistan at the time the Taliban returned to power in late 2021. Immediately prior, he had been working in roles assisting both the Australian Embassy and US Air Force, which placed him in a difficult position with the change of power.

Habibi and his family settled in Dandenong to commence their new lives and to learn their new adopted homelands different laws, education and health systems, language and culture expectations.

Recognising employment and training as a vital part of the settling process, Habibi drew upon his transferrable skills and life experience to seek out a new career as an Electrician in Australia.

With the support of NECA Education & Careers and Stowe Australia, Habibi secured an Electrical apprenticeship. During his time as an apprentice, Habibi has worked on several construction projects, including the Metro Rail Tunnel.

Despite his journey to present, Habibi remains enthusiastic, eager to learn and continues to succeed within in apprenticeship.