2022 Inspiration Award – Women in Trades Winner: Abbey Evans


Abbey’s passion for machine work began in school and led her to start an Engineering (Mechanical) apprenticeship. Having been exposed to the trade from an early age, Abbey has invested time into becoming more independent and confident within her field. Abbey believes she has now reached a level where she is fully competent to work independently without guidance and even lead times.

Abbey attributes her success to meeting fantastic teachers, managers and tradespeople who have gone above and beyond to ensure she succeeds.

Abbey feared starting in a trade as a 17 year old female wouldn’t be a positive experience. She feared she would struggle to find belonging and be pushed aside. Abbey is pleased to say that her experience has been the exact opposite.

Abbey has been a frequent representative for women in trades, being an ambassador for women in STEM through Ai Group.

She says being a woman in a trade has changed her life for the better, and would like to see more women in the industry.