2021 Trainee of the Year Winner: Rodney Sutherland


As an apprentice plumber, Rodney’s first encounter with Barwon Water led him to realise that he wanted to work with them.  Sometime down the track, when a traineeship arose at the company, he jumped at the opportunity.

With 7 years’ experience working in the plumbing industry, Rodney has been able to bring that skillset and knowledge to his workplace.  His ideas and perspectives have been greatly supported by his team and he has grown as an individual.

There have been massive challenges along the way – mental and physical health issues, homelessness, and COVID but through the support of Barwon Water and gforce, Rodney overcame these hurdles and exceeded his personal expectations.  Rodney’s quality of life has changed in such a positive way – has learnt new skills and is looking forward to furthering his career in the industry.