GTO Service Excellence Winner: Elly Findlay


Elly Findlay has been employed with Gforce Employment + Recruitment for 21 years. Elly started as a trainee and is currently Team Leader within Apprenticeship Services.

Elly is known as the go-to person for connecting apprentices with host employers, advice on VET and employment pathways, and supporting apprentices from beginning to completion. Elly is particularly dedicated to placing women in non-traditional trades and creatively supporting disadvantaged young people to achieve the benefits of employment through apprenticeships and traineeships.

Elly advocates for those who have been at a disadvantage including Luke Anderson, who was told he would never get a job when released from prison. Elly found Luke an apprenticeship and he now runs his own business. Host Employers describe Elly as ‘willing to work collaboratively with them to achieve the very best outcomes.” Describing her as a mentor and sounding board, one of Elly’s clients states, “ultimately, she puts the welfare of the apprentices in her charge above client needs but in doing this she provides a product that exceeds clients expectations.”